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Stephenie Meyer's favorite books and Edward/Bella

Hi all, new to the community and posting a non-comment for the first time, hope I do this right... I was thinking about the books Stephenie Meyer lists as her favorites, and parallels with Edward/Bella.

In particular, one of the ones that aren't explicitly mentioned in the text or interviews ("Wuthering Heights", "Romeo and Juliet", "Pride and Prejudice", "Anne of Green Gables"). I love "Jane Eyre", which SM lists as a favorite, and I notice in that book how Jane always freaks out if Mr. Rochester tries to give her anything fancy or expensive. Remind you of anyone you know? :) Actually, "Jane Eyre" helped reconcile me to Bella's behavior, which otherwise I thought was kind of extreme (I love presents myself). Both Bella and Jane worry about the relationship being too unequal. And equality in the relationship has been a big theme ever since "Twilight"; that's why Bella wants to be a vampire. I didn't connect that theme of equality to Bella's worry about presents until I thought about Jane Eyre.

Has anyone else noticed parallels between SM's favorites and B/E (other than explicitly stated in text) that helped you understand the couple better?

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