Jennifer (jennifercullen) wrote in lion_lamb,

Three brand new EXCLUSIVE New Moon stills!

Twilight Sweden is extremely lucky to share three EXCLUSIVE new stills from New Moon in high quality.

If you want to have them on your website/blog etc please give us credit or otherwise we will add a watermark on them. Credit is a must!!! Thanks!

Here are the images (resized to fit the screen- link under image directs you to the HQ ones!)


We're sorry to announce that these three images have been taken down due to a very big misunderstanding by Nordic Film, the Scandinavian film company responsible for New Moon. Twilight Sweden works as the official website for the filmadoptations of the Twilight books in Sweden so we have a cooperation with Nordic Film. They sent us the images because they thought that those were to be spread online Sunday May 31 st, but it's meant for them to go public on this upcoming Sunday. None of this is our fault it was just a misunderstanding. We'd appreciate if you could delete those images from your site as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding!
Tags: movie: new moon, movie: pics
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