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Pics of Rob and Kristen (and Charlie and Ashley) in Italy, and fan accounts

source (via </b></a>team_kbitch ) :

^source (courtesy of afrodeesyack) :

From a fan in Italy (courtesy of
"The girl is Kristen. She was with Rob, Charlie and Ashley today. In the photos they are visiting a place. They were not in Montepulciano today but they were visiting other places in Tuscany. Nobody has seen Nikki and I think that Kellan is not in Italy. I think the fans have seen Daniel Cudmore (Felix) instead. Today Daniel was in Piazza Grande with the director of the film.
The pictures were purposely blurred because those who took them didn't want to give away their location. The full pics will be published on May 30th according to the site. And to those saying that isn't Kristen because she is wearing a dress, let me tell you that it is a thousand degrees today in Italy. The girl would die in her usual jeans and we all know that if she HAS to wear a dress K will go for the short and strapless ones.
The poster didn't want to reveal the identity of the person tweeting because they would be MOBBED with followers and I don't blame her but I know who it is on Twitter. It looks like the LJ poster got the details a bit wrong - the bar (where Rob, Kristen and 2 crew members were spotted) was AFTER sightseeing. The Twitter account's not locked yet but she seems to be getting antsy and is talking about being more guarded with her tweets so I don't want to give her name but I'll tell you what she's saying. It looks like they all went sightseeing this afternoon and to a museum and were basically mobbed by Twifans. About 4 hours ago she said they were at the bar having drinks and Rob had gotten mobbed getting there. There were girls in the bar just staring scarily at him! In response to someone she replied that it was just Rob/Kristen and some crew. Then they all had to move back to the hotel I'm assuming because of the fans but she said it was unbelievable how many followed them. Three hours ago she was turning in due to a long day of filming tomorrow and no other mention of Rob/Kristen. I'm hoping someone asks her but so far it seems like no one wants to scare her off or force her to lock her account! I'll keep an eye on it though.

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