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Question about the cars

Hi, my first post :) Twilight completely owns my soul. I saw a street called 'Edward' the other day and actually thought of going back and taking a picture of it. LOL. I'm working on some manips, 5 fanmixes and a few fic ideas, probably be awhile until any of them will be ready though, but I was thinking about the cars.

Just to recap:

~ Carlisle has a black Mercedes
~ Emmett has a red Jeep Wrangler (I can see him driving a Hummer too but the Wrangler is perfect)
~ Rosalie has a red BMW (why is it a Mercedes for the movie? Did BMW not give them permission, I wonder)
~ Alice has a yellow Porsche
~ Edward has a silver Volvo and a black Aston Martin (Is it canon if its only in the outtakes? I'm choosing to think it is) :)

But what about Esme and Jasper? Do you think they don't drive? Would Esme drive a Mercedes? Maybe a convertible, though that wouldn't be good for sunny days. I was thinking a Mini Cooper, but that's all wrong for her. What about Jasper? A Jaguar maybe? Or is that too flashy for him? A Lexus, Audi, Mustang?

Edward wanted to buy Bella an Audi right? I thought I could see her in one, but now I'm thinking maybe a cute little Mini Cooper? The Chevy is perfect for her but eventually she'll have to let him buy her another car because as a vampire she is going to need a faster car. ;)

So what cars do you think Esme and Jasper drive and what should vampire!Bella's fast car be?

A Convertible Mercedes for Esme maybe?

Should Jasper drive a new Jaguar?

or maybe a classic Jag?




How about a Mini Cooper for Bella?

So I went looking for Edward's motorcycle that he may or may not have given to Jasper. I looked up THE most expensive motorcycle, an MV Agusta F4 Claudio Castiglioni selling for $134K. But that seems a bit much even for Edward. He already has the Aston Martin that costs around $136K! :)

So I asked my dad what the BEST motorcycle was and he said the Vincent Black Shadow was the MOST ELITE (which I've never even heard of). Of course my dad then wanted to know why I was asking about motorcycles so I cryptically explained that there was this book and uhm I was trying to picture the cars in it :)

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