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Carver Cafe and The Park

Twilight Moms Photos :

Carver Cafe
" A scene from Twilight involving Bella, Charlie, and several Forks High students was filmed at the cozy and quaint Carver Café this week. And to answer your question, no you are not crazy; this is not a part of the book. It is however an important and pivotal scene in the movie that shows the conflict Bella is feeling over her not-so-normal relationship with Edward. It is also the place she bonds with Charlie."

All of a sudden, we hear someone yell “Action” and through the trees about 20 or so feet away I see ROBERT PATTINSON in all his Edward glory! He walked slowly toward the camera and kind of looked up into the trees. I started hitting Rose, saying “LOOK! LOOK! It’s him! Holy crap!” I took a really fast picture through the windshield- and even though it was hard to see through the glare and fog, you can still tell it’s him! There were lots of other crew members standing around in the trees, so in the rest of the pictures they were blocking Rob. "


Read more about Carver Cafe HERE.

Read about Park. HERE
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