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Edward as a man

A post in this community inspired me to share this thought with you guys. :) 
Tell me what you all think about it, disagree, agree or whatever :D

Edward had his reasons, we're all familiar that despite of how awesome he is, he's not very confident with himself. He just wanted to protect Bella, to not hurt her any further, and Edward obviously thought the way to go was to leave. However, most of the time these uncalled for decisions only end up hurting the girl more.

This may seem irrelevant but you know how men tend to make decisions on their own. Most of the time and annoyingly, they do it in relationships. Like when they think you deserve someone better and that you're just wasting your time with him, they would break up with you and give you the crazy reason "its not you, its me". Not that Edward gave that silly excuse, but you get what I'm trying to say.

I mean relationships involve two parties, if you're deciding on something that concerns it, then might as well consult the other side. Actually, not might as well but rather its a must to consider what they have to say about it. Moreover if you're going to reason out that its for their own good. Edward just thought of what was best for Bella, however he failed to consider what she had to say about it. She made a choice. We ladies could make or already made the choice too, can't they see that we could and want to stand up for those decisions? They don't always have to make the calls for us.

Bella made a choice and she plans on sticking with it. We know the good intention was there, but still, she deserved every right to have a say about it. It involved her feelings for crying out loud! it almost drove her nuts!

Seriously, sometimes men should stop thinking that we could never (yes, i admit that there are times we don't) figure out what's best for us because we could. We can definitely make the decisions for AND by ourselves if necessary. 
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