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"Twilight" Set Report by Andrew Sims

"You feel like she can be this girl that this family of cultured interesting vampires would be able to love her because she's so deep. She and Rob too have gotten so far into it and trying to understand and be these characters. I mean it's radical. They're living and breathing these characters." I quickly pointed out that while interviewing Pattinson (portraying the thought-hearing vampire who is madly in love with Bella at first sight), he went so deep into the character of Edward. "Ohh yeah," she breathes with a relief, "he's just been living it and feeling it. Which is exciting because all those layers you feel. Every word that they say and every line and every scene is not just walking from A to B. He feels it, he lives it, yeah."

Read the rest here.

How exciting!

ETA: Thanks to evendia for the info: In case you're not aware of it: Andrew Sims is one of the makers behind MuggleCast - a Harry Potter podcast - and his interview with Rob is going to be on the next show which will be available for download on April 6th. You can download the episode directly from the site or via iTunes.
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