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Warmth (a Twilight fan fic)

Warmth (a Twilight fan fic)




Rating: PG-13

Status: 1/2

Word Count: 2,243

Pairing: Edward and Bella

Summary: Bella has a series of dreams and it gives her two very different visions of two things she longs for. But one dream proves to her of her unrealistic expectations while her second dream shows her of what is to really come.

Disclaimer: Edward and Bella belong to Stephanie Meyer.

A/N: A crack at writing my own Twilight fic… and yes it’s LONG.


I again broke this up into two pieces, “Warmth” is the first part while “Teardrop” is the second. Two very different dreams, two different stories basically…


Anyways, it’s a lame attempt to write ‘Bella’… I so WISH I could write like Meyer. If this goes well I might just attempt writing Edward and Alice.


And yes my grammar and etc sucks… so be nice please ^_^

"I have to wake up."

Tags: fanfiction

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