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More TruFax from Extras

 This is from HisGoldenEyes.com. Yet from another extra lucky Extra... Kiki from Kelmett Happen's friend:

"Day 1
I arrived on set at about 6:15. I was a backup, along with about 7 others, in case some others did not show up. They told us the chances weren’t good. I was BUMMED. They then came over and grabbed me out of the group and said they wanted me! I was SO excited. I filled out my I-9 form and went to the auditorium, which is extras central. I got my hair done, it took like 20 mins. She straightened it so much and put tons of goop on it, then I got a bit of makeup done.

They pulled us in groups into the cafeteria and sat us at tables. We were pretending to eat and talk. The food was actually edible! I had a sandwich, and some chips and we all had these good energy drinks. They were shooting the scene on Bella’s first day where Mike brings her into the cafeteria to meet everyone. The kid who plays Mike is funny.

Then I got to do several crosses for the camera while they were shooting the scenes of the Cullens walking into the cafeteria. They shot them walking like EIGHT times guys, and it took about an hour and a half. They were all gorgeous though. Just frickin handsome boys and pretty girls.

First impressions: Rob-serious a lot, but sometimes really goofy and funny. He was reading a book most of the time he was not filming. His eyes look HUGE with the contacts. Kellan-frickin cute sweetheart. When he plays Emmet, his face says ’oh yeah, I’m sexy’. Nikki and Ashley are really pretty as Rosalie and Alice. They were cuddling with Kellan and Jackson(Jasper) all the time. It was adorable. I liked Jackson as Jasper now that I’ve seen him in person. I barely saw Kristen.

While they were resetting a scene we were shooting, someone comes over and says "is this chair taken?" The chair right next to me was empty, and who sits down, but KELLAN LUTZ who plays Emmett. He ate one of the chips off of my lunch tray and he was asking this boy across from me about the cookbook prop he was using for a schoolbook. Kellan was so funny he’s like "Do you think they’ll notice if I sit here for the shot?" "Are there any recipies for human body parts in here? How about lady fingers?" Haha. He had his contacts in and looked so adorable. Then he said "I want to play tic tac toe" and he and the person next to me played tic tac toe on a prop notebook". We were just about to start shooting the scene, and obviously Emmett wouldn’t be sitting at our table, so Kellan just got up and ran away, and was like "I gotta go! I’ll be back!" Haha. He is such a goof.

We went to lunch. We got the same food as the cast. Pork, chicken, salad, bread, rice, lasagna, ice cream, brownies. SO much food. We were fell fed. STEPHANIE MEYER who writes the books came and hung out at lunch. Lotsa people kinda mobbed her. Haha. Then I went back to hair and makeup and got a touchup, and went back to set.

We did several more scenes of crossing in front of the Cullens as they walk to their lunch table. I had some off time then. I was still in the cafeteria, but not being used. My friend, who was there, had a scrapbook for KELLAN LUTZ who plays Emmett. She is a helper with his website. He was sitting right near us, but she was too nervous to talk to him, so I just went up to him and said "Hey are you Kellan?" and we talked for like 20 mins. He asked my name and shook my hand. I told him about the scrapbook, and then we just talked about Portland, the weather, his contacts, his family, South Park, and lots of other stuff. Also, he is frickin gorgeous. My heart skipped a beat when he leaned over and picked off a piece of grass from my shoe, haha. We only stopped talking cause he got pulled away to shoot. He was just frickin nice and normal though.

Lets see. We did some scenes of the Cullens at their table. They were telling funny stories about hunting and all that. Kellan was hilarious. I won’t tell you what he was talking about, but he said "and I did the whole thing naked!" I got to cross a few more times. It was supposed to be a different day, so one of our handler guys, Tiko, just told me to take my jacket off so I looked like I had new clothes on haha.

We ended at about 7:00 and there were tons of girls outside waiting to accost poor ROB. Luckily for him he was whisked away in a van. I’m sure he was frickin tired, and Kellan was telling me that the contacts that the Cullens have to wear are super uncomfortable.

Day 2
Woke up sleepy. Arrived on set about 6:10 and signed in no problem. Chopper read us the script for the day, which was quite cool. A lot of us wore blue today because it was "spirit day". I spent the huge part of the morning waiting around and not being used, cause Chopper kinda left us out the hallway. I eventually got sat at a table, but I don’t think it was in the camera’s view. I got to watch for quite a long time as they did a special shot where Rob(Edward) has to do a stunt with an apple. It took 14 or 15 takes. Ugh. It will look cool though, hopefully. Not much happened before lunch time. I stood in the background of a scene and pretended to talk to the girl I was standing by.

Lunch was interesting. I went through and filled up my plate. We knew this was the last chance to give Kellan(Emmett) his fanbook. I just happened to be going back to the lunch tables to get some food and he was wandering, so I just said "Hey Kellan!" He grinned, came straight to me, and slung his arm around my shoulders. He was like "I waited for you yesterday!" and I was like "I was waiting for YOU!" and I told him Laura still wanted to give him the book, so I grabbed Laura, and she, Kellan and I went to the auditorium and sat on the steps to read the book. I was sitting by him, and he says "Scoot closer, you’re too far away!" so I was super close to him, he is so sweet. We talked about the fanbook, and about his sister and about Edward and Bella and Laura had him talk to her friend on the phone. After he got off the phone he went on and on about how awesome all of us extras were, and how we worked so hard and he respected us, etc. Any way, so we got our photos with him, and I was standing by him and he says "Come on! Give me a real hug!". Haha. He is such a sweetheart. He gave us high fives and went to his trailer to take a nap. When Laura and I went back into the cafeteria a bunch of girls were like "WTF you were hanging with Emmett!". Haha. It was cool. It also happened that Rob(Edward) was sitting right across from me at lunch. He’s so frickin beautiful. I couldn’t resist a quick snap of him.

After lunch we shot some scenes from yesterday, so I changed clothes again. I got paired up with a kid named Nick, and we walked together through the scene, out the door, and then in front of the back windows outside. Hopefully those will make it in the shot, we had a lot of fun. In the last scene we shot we got to actually talk instead of fake talking! You may not know, but fake talking is harder than real talking lol. They recorded us talking, and they did a continuation of a scene yesterday where I’m sitting at a table with Georgia, Laura and Kristin, and then I got up to sit with Amanda’s table.

I am gonna miss being on set and all the cool people I got to know over the short period of time. We had some guys on set called Wranglers, for lack of a better term, they were in charge of the extras and they were super good to us. The main ones were Chopper, Tiko, Leon, Tin and Rose. They work hard, those guys do.

Big news is that I am BOOKED for the prom scene in April. I am excited to get to go back and work with all of the same extras and crew. It should be really fun. And PAINFUL standing around in heels. I should be going to my dress fitting in the next week or two."
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