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Fanfic - If you're going, stay gone, chapter 6

Title: If you're going, stay gone
Chapter: Goodbye (6/?)
Author:  noperfectlife
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella. Cullen family with canon pairings.
Rating: R (for this chapter)
Category: General/Romance
Beta: the amazing ishtar14

Previous chapters:
Check my memories

Summary: Ten years after her transformation, Bella's life is only just beginning. But when her first day in high school pushes her back into the human world as a vampire, fears she thought she had buried deep down surface again and her life with the Cullens start crumbling down.

His hands were never resting, never posing anywhere. They were touching every part of her body in a sweet torture, knowing they wouldn’t roam like that anymore for a while. It was like every part of their bodies wanted to imprint on each other. Wanted to leave a piece of themselves.  

Tags: fanfiction

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