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TMs back in action

I was just wondering how it's possible TMs haven't been on a new set yet. It seems yesterday was that big day.:) There are some reports and new pics from them. I don't want to post the pics here as the author doesn't wish so. You can see them here.

*As for the report - there is one part about screaming "pre-teen girls" which I found very funny (especially Rob's reaction lol) but I'm sure some people will be pissed off.*

This morning I made plans to meet up with two of my fellow TM's for a visit to the High School set. None of us are extras. Nor did we go under the name of Twilight Moms. We just went as ourselves as we're giant dorks, but in love with 'Twilight' none the less.

This was the first time I'd ever met one of the Moms aside from the forums. I first off have to say Thanks to TM's. I've met so many cool people through you. All not face to face, but it still feels like I've gotten to know some of you. TM's are good people. Wow.

Back to what you want to hear/read.

We get on set, and we're standing there for a bit by the school, and it's FREEZING--but we meet a few others who are also there just watching what's going on (More really nice people) One of them had traveled 22 hours to be there! They're filming all interior shots, so there's nothing really to see, plus the grounds are heavily guarded. But there's a little bit of space where you can stand if you're not being obnoxious, so that's where we were.

While we're standing there, Kellen Lutz starts walking towards us on his way to his trailer. At first we think he's going to get in the van when he sees us standing like crazy people, but really, he was telling the girls to get out of the van and come say 'hi'!!! Once again, Wow.

I screw up my courage, and say "Mr. Lutz? May I get a picture with you?"
Yes. I said 'Mr. Lutz' I was trying to be classy people! And yes...instead of classy I sounded like a giant nerd.

And he comes over and is so nice! I know it's all over the forums, the nicesness of Kellen Lutz, but it's really true. The guy was so friendly and cool, and didn't make me feel bad for bothering him. 10 class points for him. And may I say "dreamy." Seriously ladies. Hot and nice. My favorite combination! Wink

And he's wearing his black contacts! The entire time I'm trying not to shake, or drool. Not sure how well I did. Whatever.

After he left (sigh...) We stand around some more and Justin Chon walks by, and I again say "Mr. Chon".... I need to quit doing that, I know. And he comes over and I get another picture. And he's really great about it, and seems in a bit of a hurry, but really nice as well.

Then we see Gregory Tyree Boyce, and he's just fun and sweet and great, and we get pictures with him. And again, no one seemed put out, or even annoyed by us. I'm trying to play it cool and not seem pushy or inconsiderate of their time, and they were totally game. I think that's the ticket. If you're cool, they're cool.

We all have to leave then, as K. has to get home, as well as L.L.. I think about going home also. There's the 13 year old in me that says "No! Go back to the set! See some more!" and the Adult part that says "Go home! It's freaking freezing out there, you've seen enough."

The 13 year old me wins out. She usually does.

I get to the set again, and I'm outside, and it ain't gettin' any warmer. And by now it's almost 4 and I realize I haven't eaten anything at all today. But I'm commited. I get to meet some more TM's who have gotten there. L. is amazing. She's really down to earth and fun. R. is there also, and I'm sure she'll have stories of her own to tell everyone. Later D. gets there too. It was an impromptu Twilight Mom meet up!

We get to meet Micheal Welch. Who is cuter than a biscuit! Next to Emmett he's my favorite. Naw...that's not true. So far everyone has been so great, I couldn't put them in order, so I won't. But he comes over and talks to us for a bit, and again I use the insipid word 'nice' but he is!!! Must look up the word nice in thesaurus....

We're standing there, and it's getting later, and I'm getting colder and I still haven't eaten. But now that I've been here so long, I won't let myself leave. And all of a sudden D. says "There's Stephenie Meyer" and I look, and there she is!!!!!!

She's so beautiful! And she's really cool when I ask for her picture. And by this time, it's way after dinnertime and I'm starting to go into low blood sugar mode, and I'm so in Awe! And I'm trying not to cry (yes, cry. I don't do well under such delicious stress) and I'm trying to put into words without sounding ridiculous how much I love her books. And she turns and looks at me, like she's really listening to what I'm saying. And the lack of food, and the awe, and the cold, and the excitement, turn me into a caveman, and I think I stutter something along the lines of:
"Me likey you books. Me think awesome you are. Good books. Read them I do. Three times. Good. You great.
While inside my head I'm screaming "Shut up J.J! Shut Up!!! Walk away!!!! You sound like a crazy person!" But she just smiles at me, and thanks me, and again is.....wait for it...so...Nice!

Now, it's time to go. Everyone has left. I didn't get to talk to any of the girls as it's rainy and they stay in the vans. I got to see Kristen Stewart drive by a bunch of times, but never get a chance to say 'hi'.

As we're walking by the trailers to my car, I see Robert getting ready to get into one of the vans, and I say "Robert" (See, I'm getting better by now) "Can I get a picture with you?" and he smiles and says "Sure, but I have to do it quick" and I run over and we're getting ready to take the picture when a bunch of pre-teen girls run over screaming like their pants are aflame, and he's like "Crap." and I yell "Take the picture!" to E. who takes the picture before Robert has to get away from the screaming mob.

In the picture we're both looking annoyed by the girls, so it's not the worlds best. But, yet again, Nice. He really was being cool until the teeny-boppers arrived. Fie. 'Darn you adolescent annoyances. A pox upon ye!'

That's me goin' Ye auld English on their butts.

By this point, even I feel like I've overstayed my welcome. Yet, I try to hang out just a bit longer. So, when the security guy comes over and gently tells us to leave, we do with all graciousness, and even a bit of relief.

So yeah. That was my day today. Sorry it's so long, but I had to fit in everyone. You keep hearing stories about how sweet everyone is, and it's all true. I now have memories I'll cherish forever. And I have to say, that's really...........

Nice. Rolling Eyes
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