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Hey.. this is my first post anddd I hope this is okay to post here.. it is mostly about Edward & Bella, but..
I was wondering what y'all are HOPING for in the next book..
and then what y'all THINK SM will actually do...
If I can't post this SORRY!! just delete it...

I know since this is an EDWARD&BELLA community.. everyone wants the same thing I do (probably)
Bella to become a vampire AFTER they have a wonderful wedding and have a sex scene.
thenn I want SM to describe they're perfect eternity together. =]]] nothing would make me happier!!
actually.. I wish she wouldn't stop at 4 books.. I wish she would keep going for many more.. but I never get what I want =[ lol
and I don't dislike Jacob.. so I don't want him to die or anything (!) but I do want him to imprint on someone else and leave bella the hell alone =]
that is what I want.. along with like 900000 other things for Bella & Edward but..
what I THINK SM will do is ..
not turn bella into a vampire =[
and maybe kill someone off?
andd i dont even know about jacob.
but I honestly cant see her going through with the wedding and then bella 'changing'
I guess after I saw what Edward did in New Moon -I mean leaving and all- I sort of think she will try to go into some alternate direction.
but of course.. I just can't get enough of the Twilight Series
andd this is the only community I found that I liked..
so I hoped I could come here and talk about it with you guys for like.. ever!!! or at least till August 3rd hopefully =] (since I will want to rant and rave about it for at the very LEAST, a day, after I read it)
and I really wanted to know what other people wanted to happen/thought was going to happen in the 4th book (since no one I know personally has ever read it.. it is hard to find someone to talk to about it.. much less hear what they have to think about it)

so.. once again I am TERRIBLY sorry if this is wrong to post.
or if anyone gets aggravated.

Tags: books: breaking dawn, discussion: book

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