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Brenna Lee Roth joins New Moon O_o

BLR: Can't talk about NEW MOON. So sorry! As far as HORRORWEEN goes, I play the lead's daughter (Nancy Spielberg). It looks like a good role, and a great cast! A lot of my friends are on it, so I know we'll have a blast.

MarketSaw: There must be something you can tell us about NEW MOON that will excite the fans, yet keep you safe - and that thing would be...
BLR: Fans of the series will really love it, it's spot on to the book. Way closer to the book than I think expected. Chris was a great director he really challenged me.

MarketSaw: What friends do you have on the HORRORWEEN cast?
BLR: Chuck Lamb, Joe Estevez, Jenna Jameson, Cindy Morgan, Tom Savini, Alice Cooper, Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman (one of my best friends, for real), Chuck Williams, and I am trying to get my friend Gina Lynn on it too, but I don't know yet. Yeah I kissed her in a bathroom... some of you may have seen the pictures?

MarketSaw: Let's talk a bit about NEW MOON as there are many fans obviously with the success of the original books and the first movie TWILIGHT. What can you tell us about the movie itself?
BLR: All I can say is that, NEW MOON is shot in the middle of nowhere! And fans still find the set and take pictures of every little thing. It's crazy. The fans were great.

MarketSaw: How are the sets? Wardrobe? You have any behind the scenes stories to tell us that obviously won't affect any NDA you have signed about the movie?
BLR: I took Robbie (Robert Pattison) a hairbrush and a bottle of self tanner; he didn't think it was as funny as I did. Ah well. I don't have to see him again till next winter, i'm sure he'll forget by then.

MarketSaw: And your character on NEW MOON - how are you preparing yourself for the role?
BLR: I worked out a lot.

MarketSaw: You work out at a gym or at home? Free weights or machines?
BLR: I did boxing training, a lot of wire work on set, and I had to learn how to swing a sword while driving a motorcycle, I am pretty sweet at it but I doubt I could use that knowledge in everyday life.

MarketSaw: Who were you looking forward to working with the most on NEW MOON?
BLR: Seeing all the American Indians Kick ass! I mean I'm a tough chick, but it was still hard. I met Kristin on set of ADVENTURELAND last year, so I already knew her she is super sweet. I want her to be on every movie I do.

MarketSaw: So tell me more about the American Indians in the movie - how many are there? How is their wardrobe? Again, any stories to tell?
BLR: Wardrobe was good. Nailed exactly what I thought of when I was reading the book. Other than that I still can't talk about specifics.

MarketSaw: Obviously NEW MOON is a huge opportunity for you. How did you land the role?
BLR: I told the Executive producer I was funny and smelled good. Seriously, that was all I did.

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