tayfrvr (tayfrvr) wrote in lion_lamb,

Jake VS. Edward Debate

Wow, if any of you remember, and/or particpated in our debate a few pages back about The Edward vs Jake issue you know it was mostly us die- hard edward fans.
I took the advice of one of the commenters and posted the same question on sortofbeautiful. Whoa, I am floored by all of the (rather lengthy ) response. I'd encourage anyone who has an open mind about this subject to head over there and check it out cuz it really makes you think about it from another perspective.
Regardless, I still love Edward more. Even after feeling totally irrational in my arguments now that I've seen theirs. It's not something that can be helped I suppose. But I do salute them with the utmost respect because their arguments are extremely good and well thought out. I was in slight danger of being converted. lol.
Tags: discussion: book

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