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Simultaneous international "Twilight" release petition

Since movies in Europe and the rest of the world usually come out a few months later than they do in America, I thought about a petition that I could forward to Summit Entertainment (once there are enough signatures) in order to show them that the "Twilight" fans from all over the world want to see the movie when it's out in December. :) You can find the petition here:

If you agree and want to have a simultaneous international "Twilight" release, then go ahead and sign it! :D And if you're from America, also agree with it and think it's a good idea, you can sign it as well :) The more signatures, the better. I can't, of course, promise that it will work, but I thought that it might be a good idea to show them how badly we want to see it on December 12th 2008 ;)

edit: This is really important: It seems as if there's some kind of mistake in the petition which added an input field that doesn't have anything specified but is still required to sign the petition. Some people have simply typed in the city they live in, so you can do that. I'm so sorry ;_; There's nothing I can do about it...

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