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Fanfiction - A Means To An End - Update & Last Chapter

Title: A Means To An End
Chapter 3: The Unwrapping (Chapter 1, Chapter 2.)
Author: JCAddict/(picklewinkle)/Sher
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Spoilers: None
Rating: R/M, for sex and language
Story Summary: Edward takes Bella's joke wrong and when Bella tries to prove she's right a new opportunity presents itself. (Taking place somewhere between New Moon and Eclipse)
Chaper Summary: Edward unwraps Bella's gift.
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and all of its characters.

I wrote a piece for the November fanfiction contest at lion_lamb. I never intended it to be more than the one shot I wrote for the contest but a number of people asked me to continue it. So I did because who am I to deny getting Bella and Edward together? So I wrote chapter 2, my entry for the December fanfiction contest at lion_lamb. The problem was I could not get the rest of the story out in the 5,000 words allowed. What can I say, I'm wordy :D And I left the last chapter off at sort of a crappy spot trying to fit as much into the 5,000 words I was allowed so I didn't want to let it go too long before finishing. So here is the last and final chapter of the story and I hope that I was able to stay true to Stephenie Meyer's characters the way I intended to. Consider this the sex she never wrote LMAO. It's really stinking long, like so long I had to split the post, but it was the only way I could write it with the vision I had in mind. I hope you enjoy.

Please note: The rating of the story is M and the chapter is absolutely brimming with sexual situations so please use your discretion and consider yourself warned.

The Unwrapping - Part 1
The Unwrapping - Part 2
Tags: fanfiction
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