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Twilight in list of top 10 gaffe-ridden films of the year

UK Daily Mail
Indiana Jones and the 67 film blunders
Spielberg blockbuster tops table of gaffe-ridden movies

1. Indianna Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 67 mistakes
2. The Dark Knight - 46 mistakes
3= Twilight and Mamma Mia - 45 mistakes
5. High School Musical 3 - 41 mistakes
6. Journey to the Centre of the Earth - 31 mistakes
7. Step Brothers 24 mistakes
8. Get Smart and Quantum of Solace 23 mistakes
10. Iron Man - 21 mistakes

The whole article under the cut

It had a budget of more than £100million and the world's most famous film director at the helm.
But it seems that not enough of the cash went on researching the history for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
As a result, Steven Spielberg's latest blockbuster has topped a poll to find the most gaffe-ridden movies of the year.
Fans spotted a staggering 67 continuity and historical mistakes in the film, which took over £40million at the UK box office alone.
The most obvious blunder was using a post-2000 Harley Davidson motorbike in a film set in 1957.
Others include showing Harrison Ford with his shirt tucked in and untucked in the same scene and using an American flag with the wrong number of stars.
A map used in the film used the name Belize, even though the country was called British Honduras in 1957 and would be until 1973. And in yet another error, when Cate Blanchett's character is descending off the cliff you can briefly see the harness holding her up.
The errors have been compiled by the film website, which enables fans to write in and point out the blunders they notice.
Other box-office hits which made the blunders top ten include the new Batman film, The Dark Knight. It has just been named film of the year in a poll by DVD rental company LoveFilm and took £48.7million at the UK box office
But fans counted 46 mistakes, putting it second on the list.
At one point the Joker, played by Heath Ledger, appears to sport different hairstyles in the same scene, while later in the film he is shown holding a gun in different hands.
Third on the list was the best selling Abba musical Mamma Mia!
Earlier this month it became the highest-selling DVD in film history. It has overtaken Titanic as the highest grossing film of all time, taking more than £360million worldwide and £70million in the UK.
Fans pointed out 45 mistakes, however. In one scene a man is shown getting out of the water but in the next shot he is completely dry. In another a hair-dryer changes colour from silver to green.
One glaring continuity error happens during the classic Abba song Winner Takes it All. At the start of the song, the character has her hands up near her chest, but in the next shot they are down by her side.
Jon Sandys, head of, said: 'With the budget of many movies, you'd think they could avoid mistakes like this, or at least use computers to cover them up. But they keep cropping up, and eagle-eyed movie fans keep spotting them.'

So this post isn't strictly E/B related, but I thought it would be interesting to share this.
There were a few which I thought were strange which someone might be able to explain.
First, when he passes Edward in the truck, why was Billy driving when he is in a wheel-chair?
Second, when Bella meets Edward's family someone says 'here comes the human!' At first I thought it was Esme, but I realised that her lips didn't move in that scene. But it's waaaay to chirpy for Rosalie *is confused*

Source: UK Daily Mail
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