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Updated Fanfic - No More Pain - Chapter 6

Title: No More Pain
Author: xfeelingthis
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, rest of the canon.
Rating: We'll say R for potential future smut haha, for now nothing dodgy!
Spoilers: Set midway through New Moon.
Summary: Set midway through New Moon, what would have happened if Edward hadn't returned, and Bella had never become friends with Jacob? What would have happened when Bella reached her breaking point?
Disclaimer: Y'all know the drill. Credit to Stephanie Meyers!

Chapter preview:

I hopped into an internet café, quickly printed some directions from Google maps, downed a bottle of Red Bull, then I was on the road again. The states merged into one as I drove along the seemingly endless highway, differentiated only by the road signs... You are now leaving Washington... welcome to Montana, the Treasure State! You are now leaving Montana... welcome to North Dakota, the Roughrider State! You are now leaving North Dakota... Minnesota welcomes you! You are now leaving Minnesota... welcome to Wisconsin, America's Dairyland!



As always, any reviews are greatly appreciated ^_^

And a very Happy New Year to everyone when it comes!

Tags: fanfiction
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