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Hayley on Rob

Nice subject line. Nice and catchy LOL.

Was looking for Hayley only (or at least of Rob AND her) photos from Artist on Artist, and came across this on the bands live journal:

"i saw twilight for the second time tonight. a few friends invited me and i kinda wanted the real experience of buying the ticket... waiting in line for popcorn... you know, that whole thing. it was better the second time. i laughed so hard when all the little girls were cheering at edward on the screen. speaking of edward... or rob, in real life... i am laughing out loud at all the people online saying we are into each other. of course the video "interview" was a bit awkward. how would you like to meet someone you've seen on your tv for three months in a small, dark room set up like some kind of a date with three cameras in your face? hahah it was hilarious. i could tell rob felt the same way... as if we were really going to have some type of "candle-lit" conversation! we made fun out of it though and i thought he was a really nice dude... weeee."

I thought it was kinda cute. You got to remember I suppose that things arent what they look like on tv. Darn though, cause I was ready to ship those two :-)

(not sure what to tag this, if Im wrong, give me a hint. I chose what I did cause its kinda like an article?!
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