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Title: Cut  -  One-Shot
Author: NiceIceEdward
Character(s)/Pairing: Edward/Bella with some Jasper/Bella elements
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: All Human - Alternate Universe, but basically you should know the Twilight stories, into New Moon; Chapter 1.
Summary:  Edward and Bella happily celebrate Bella's 18th Birthday, with her best friend Alice and her boyfriend's family.  When Alice gets hurt, Bella is left behind with her boyfriend's dangerous older brother.  PLEASE NOTE: This story is rated NC-17 for a reason!

Disclaimer:  I do not own Twilight or any of its characters, I do not intend, nor will I make any profit off of this story apart from my own edification.

**A/N:  This story was me experimenting with the possibility that Jasper as a human could be just as menacing and slightly scary as Vampire Jasper.  I think the characterization is pretty right on, but Jasper is of course OOC.   Let me know what you think, reviews are money in my inspiration bank!**


I've always known the feeling of a body against yours is indescribable, you can come up with fifty different adjectives to try to convey what it feels like, but there's no way to do real justice to the warmth of their body, the feeling that at any moment the slight sheen of sweat you can't see, but you can feel, will evaporate your morality.  There aren't words to convey the truth of the ripples of breath-staggering chills which emanate from the point at which their fingers touch your body, testing it, testing your will power.  It isn't possible to efficiently describe the hitching, suffocating way that your breath tries desperately to remain in your throat, because the anticipation of contact makes you lose touch with your mechanized senses.  No words will fully define the ache that claws at your will, when there is that moment just before the breathless, anguished, and desperate second of hesitation, just before their lips touch yours.

What I never knew was that you'd still feel this way, even when the body against yours isn't one you've asked for.  That through teasing and taunting words, evocative gestures and dangerous threats, your body's response to the electric sense of the tempting proximity of another's body still remains the same.

(The Rest of the Story)
Tags: fanfiction

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