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update: chapter 2

Title: Christmas With the Cullens
Author: </a>charizmatic
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: M/ Lemons
Category: Everything/ mainly fluff
Summary: Ever since she can remember, Bella Swan has spent Christmas with the Cullens. Ever since she can remember Christmas has been full of strange Edward related complications that remain unresolved year after year. Last Christmas it seemed like their strange affair had finally ended. Bella is keen to resolve her "relationship" and move on with life. But will her feelings remain the same, especially after she finds out that Edward has a new introduction to make?

So are they sharing a room?”


Ok, so I’m just a little curious. Sue me.


“Tanya and Edward. Are they sharing a room?” I say like I’m talking to a bunch of imbeciles.

“Yes. The middle guest room.” Rosalie says curtly. “Not that you’d care, right?”

My stomach spasms.

“Back to eye spy it is.” I say glumly as I flop down on a nearby flowery cushion.

No. I don’t care.

All this means is that they’re having hot, beautiful person sex.

Or they’re just getting off by staring at themselves in those huge vanity mirrors.

Either way it’s okay with me.

Totally okay.

It’s not making my blood boil at all. No siree.

“Eye spy with my little eye…” Rosalie begins again, “something beginning with. Oh!”

Edward and Tanya walk in.

“Oddity?” I say. Trying to get rid of naked Edward images that have suddenly assaulted me from nowhere.


“Mind if we join you?” Edward says strangely polite as he crosses his arms over his chest.

I try not to look at him.

Instead I think of running my hands over the hard planes of his chest.

I think of the sculpted V that disappears into his jeans.

I think of what comes below that.

I think of my mouth on what comes below that.

I think I need to stop.

Tags: fanfiction
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