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Written in the stars

I enjoy astrology and I, on occasion, will cast amateur horoscopes. Being a little bored earlier today, I decided to cast Edward's and Bella's horoscopes. These are just for fun; enjoy!

Edward Cullen
June 12, 1901
Sun in Gemini
Moon in Aries
Sun in conjunction with Pluto
Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn
Moon trine Neptune
Mercury trine Mars
Mars trine Jupiter
Mars trine Saturn
Sun square Mars
Mars square Uranus
Pluto square Mars

The combination of this Sun and Moon sign indicates that a person born on this date is apt to be extremely quick in all things: thought, action, reflexes, wit. They will on the surface be friendly and approachable but keep their inner selves very private. They are extremely confident in their own judgement and capabilities, preferring to rely only on themselves and to make and stick to decisions they make without input from others. Although intelligent, it will be broad rather than deep; they will know of many things superficially rather than any one thing in great depth. This is because they are always on the move and they will truly need to have a deep emotional connection to something to get them to stop and concentrate on it. This darting from one thing to another means that, for all their other virtues, this person only rarely makes any kind of connections at all and so, without any other influence, any such emotional connection would be extremely unlikely. (Fortunately for this person, the aspects from the other planets are stepping in.)

The Sun and Pluto conjunction makes this person a person of extremes. Where they love, they love intensely and permanently, making the object of their love the centre of their life; where they hate, they abhor. This person will neither forgive nor forget. It also makes them an intensely private person, building up barriers between their public and private personae. They are also stubborn beyond reason.

Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn indicates a period of law, order and stability; a person born during this conjunction has a great respect for these things. They will be dignified and honourable and prefer to follow orthodox paths; they will however follow an unorthodox path rather than give up their personal idea of honourable behaviour. On these points they are about as flexible as a block of granite. This conjunction tends to lead to wealth and social respect but not until later in life.

Moon trine Neptune gives this person great charm and grace of manner which will attract positive attention. They will be a striking personality in their social circle, in a quiet and unassuming way. They will be able to read people well. They will also have an extreme love of beauty in all forms, with especial emphasis on the fine arts such as music or painting, in many cases literally requiring at least one of them to find emotional peace; on the reverse, discord, strife and harsh noise will push them off emotional balance extremely quickly. Their physical senses will be extremely acute and they will gain extreme satisfaction from pleasant sights, sounds, scents, tastes and textures.

Mercury trine Mars enhances the quickness of this person's mind as well as giving their fingers great dexterity; combined with the Moon trine Neptune aspect, this means this person will be exceptionally good at arts that involve the hands, such as playing music or sculpting. It also means that this person will be extremely good at learning and comprehending scientific facts. However, if there is no goal at hand to focus the person's attention, it will also enhance their tendency to superficial rather than deep learning.

Mars trine Jupiter indicates that this person will become wealthy, most likely through inheritance or hard work, but also indicates a great proportion of their money will be obtained by a grand gesture of some kind: investment in a business nobody else has faith in, or a wager everyone else thought the person would lose. Often this person will gain wealth through marriage (although the aspects which usually indicate a wealthy marriage are absent in this particular horoscope). This is because the person will have faith in their perceptions that lead them to believe that this is a sound action to undertake.

Mars trine Saturn enhances the wealth through hard work aspect of this person's fortune, because a person with this aspect will lay their plans from the very beginning. They will plan and proceed carefully, constructing their ventures from the very foundations. This means that often this person is one of those people who make their own luck.

Sun square Mars enhances the extremes caused by the Sun-Pluto conjunction and adds energy and passion to the mix. This means that, where someone with just the conjunction might have been willing to love from afar or detest in peace, this person will actively attempt to sweep their love off his/her feet or provoke an active conflict. This person is ruled by their emotions but gives the impression of being calm, collected and logical. Whenever they are involved in conflict, they usually win.

Mars squared with Uranus gives this person a truly explosive temper that must be kept under control lest it dominate the entire personality. Even when kept under control, when their anger is triggered, this is a person capable of extreme acts of rage.

Pluto square Mars gives this person ruthlessness and determination. Whatever it takes, that's what this person will do to achieve their goals, no matter what (or who) is in the way or what the consequences will be. It also takes away their recognition of their limits; this person will quite literally burn themselves out in pursuit of their goals.

Interestingly, even though I know that SMeyer pulled Edward's birthdate out of thin air, I actually think this is a pretty accurate horoscope for him. It describes an intelligent, artistic person who is detached from everything they don't have an emotional connection to but where they do they have to keep their passionate nature under strict control lest they lose control and hurt people, who believes on relying on themselves alone, doing whatever it takes to keep Bella safe achieve their goals and has deep and inflexible morals. (Thank goodness Nessie was never a typical two-year-old. If she'd ever gotten into the saucepan cupboard and decided to play drums with the stewpot like every other toddler, according to this her dad would have gone ballistic.)

Bella Swan
September 13, 1987
Sun in Virgo
Moon in Taurus
Sun in conjunction with Mars
Moon trine Venus
Jupiter trine Saturn
Neptune trine Pluto
Sun square Saturn
Mercury square Neptune
Venus square Uranus
Mars square Saturn

The Sun in Virgo and Moon in Taurus is a position of good luck. Material problems rarely concern the person born in this position and most of their problems are self-made, by nervousness. This person is highly appreciative of the arts and artists, but rarely holds any talent in the arts of their own; they are happy to be the audience every musician or painter needs. They rarely hold material ambitions and tend to relax into contented and harmonious lives rather than exciting or progressive ones. They are easygoing and genial, making friends easily. In love, they are loyal and constant rather than ardent, and much prefer a permanent, harmonious relationship to a adventurous or tempestuous one. However, within this permanent relationship they are very sensual and greatly enjoy sex in all its aspects with their partner. This trend of preferring harmony and security to adventure and danger holds true in every aspect of their lives and, because they rarely leave the shelter of the conventional and make efforts to keep harmony in their lives, the world is usually gentle towards them. They usually enjoy good health and have sound constitutions.

The Sun in conjunction with Mars basically removes the concept of 'fear' from this person's personality. When this person believes they know what the right thing to do is, they will go in and do it, whether it is confronting a pack of dangerous predators in their den to save another's life or arguing legal points on their own behalf in front of a hostile court. They will not be swayed from what they sincerely believe to be right, and when they fight, they do so to the point of destruction (of friendship or opponent).

Moon trine Venus conveys a strong level of physical attractiveness and a taste for beauty; no matter where this person lives, they will make sure it's beautiful in some way. They are gracious and will find themselves rising, through birth or friendships, to a high social circle. They have patrician tastes, but can make a little go a long way. This is one of the indicators of a happy marriage, because the person will look for attractive and harmonious aspects of their partner and focus on them.

Jupiter trine Saturn ensures this person will never be in physical want. A strong sense of justice and honour and an ability to get the maximum value from their money ensures that there will always be enough food in their larder, a roof over their head and clothes on their back. In monetary dealings they will neither cheat others nor permit themselves to be cheated, and because of their honourable dealings they will earn respect. Their business dealings will be beneficial because others will remember favours owed and repay them.

Neptune trine Pluto indicates that while this person respects the beliefs instilled in them by their parents, their thoughts, feelings and morals are distinctly their own. It also indicates an ability to rise above selfishness and work for the good of all.

Sun square Saturn gave this person a premature intellectual development - they developed their intellectual capacities far in advance of the normal timeframe and learned early how to cope with the practical tasks of the world, so now their minds are broader than the norm and they are able to embrace many ideas and theories the rest of the world dismisses. Consequently they tend to be liberal in outlook and humanitarian in philosophy, and as they grow older consider the needs of others before their own. This also tends to give them a sense of rebelliousness, especially if they feel that nobody else is considering their needs. This aspect also intensifies the strong sexual drive already conferred by the Sun in Virgo. It also gives the person a strong temper, which can make arguments explosive.

Mercury square Neptune does this person a disservice; they are a daydreamer. They can absorb and relate abstract concepts to the everyday world but lack the drive to do anything with their conclusions. It also intensifies the love of beauty conferred by the Moon trine Venus and the love of art conferred by the Moon in Taurus. Consequently this person is perfectly happy to sit still and just listen to a pianist for hours on end, but would get just as much done if they were sitting in the room with no pianist.

Venus square Uranus gives this person a repressed yet explosive lovelife, as they appear conventional and cold but are in fact highly independent in matters of love. The object of their affection is likely to be apparently perfectly normal but truthfully extremely unconventional. They are idealistic and will think much on matters of love. Where their emotions are involved, they will make fast decisions that appear hasty but are in fact highly rational and are always true to their most honest feelings. Between this and their austerity and coldness where their hearts are not touched, they can be unwittingly quite cruel. They love, not wisely, but too well and are hurt when their affections are misplaced.

Mars square Saturn is also a very poor aspect to carry. In this horoscope, it confers a strong inferiority complex, especially in combination with the emotional demand for harmony the Moon in Taurus exerts and the sense of responsibility the Sun square Saturn gives. This person is usually being taken advantage of, most commonly by parents and other authority figures, and while the person will express frustration with rebellion and temper it will require a major shakeup, up to and including environment change, to break the aspect's hold; it is indicated this will include defiance of parental figures. While appreciation and care from others will mitigate the aspect's effects, the inclination to the inferiority complex is permanent.

This is actually pretty interesting! I don't know how accurate you guys think it is, but I think there are definitely some strong similarities here.
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