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Updated Fanfic - No More Pain - Chapter 5

Title: No More Pain
Author: xfeelingthis
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: We'll say R for potential future smut haha, for now nothing dodgy!
Spoilers: Set midway through New Moon.
Summary: Set midway through New Moon, what would have happened if Edward hadn't returned, and Bella had never become friends with Jacob? What would have happened when Bella reached her breaking point?
Disclaimer: Y'all know the drill. Credit to Stephanie Meyers!

Chapter preview:

And it would be torturous. Possibly even worse than what Edward was feeling; because, despite every shrapnel of woe embedded in his body, he could cling onto his belief that what he had done was for the greater good, the ultimate sacrifice to protect the one he loved. As the uneasy seconds ticked by, I began to doubt that he had done Bella any favours. To lose Edward was torment enough, but to lose him with little explanation, and to be told he had never loved her in the first place - it was the very cruellest form of kindness. It almost hurt, just to imagine the pain she would be in.

Got this up on fanfiction.net now, so you can check it out here or at my journal ^_^
Tags: fanfiction
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