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The Buzz Log - New 'Do for the 'Twilight' Dude

by Claudine Zap    December 24, 2008

Robert Pattinson, sexy vampire star of the movie "Twilight," caused an absolute Internet uproar with a new hairdo that many fans thinks is a hair don't: He traded in his trademark tousled locks (perfect for vampiring) for a no-muss, Marine-style crew cut. (Perfect for looking like a standard-issue Hollywood star.)

Let's just say that the new look has not gone unnoticed. Fans of the teen heartthrob turned to the Web in a frenzy of look-ups for "Robert Pattinson haircut." And also "Robert Pattinson new hair," "Robert Pattinson new hair cut," "Rob Pattinson new haircut," and "Robert Pattinson with short hair."


Hecklerspray noted that Pattinson has "the world's dreamiest hair... so if Robert Pattinson ever had a haircut, we'd probably kill ourselves."

Probably not. But that doesn't stop fans from feelling a slight betrayal in the change. has helpfully added a poll to its website for opinionated hair-istas to vote on how they feel about the shorter, unfussy look.

The previous romantically coiffed waves made Pattinson a dead ringer for the teen vampire role of Edward Cullen. Which could be the reason "Twilight" fans are just a tad upset he's gone and chopped his locks. As one commenter on bemoaned, "Rob's hair looks good both ways. But how can he cut his hair and play Edward Cullen?"

Yes, would someone please think of the fans? As many pointed out, filming for the sequel is three months away -- and opinions ranged about whether this is enough time for his hair to grow back for the role. OMG suggested that to reprise the signature 'do, Pattinson may be forced to don hair extensions. Would fans buy Pattinson in a wig?

It's not just his head that gets the fans going online. Searches extend to "Robert Pattinson shirtless," "Robert Pattinson biography," and "Robert Pattinson girlfriend." Pattinson still may not really get the mania surrounding him. He told, "Well, they're in love with the character... I really don't claim anything."
He's right. It's not him. It's his hair.
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