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TS - Running Up that Hill (New Moon/Eclipse)

OK, so this is my xmas prezzie to all my friends here on LJ and especially to all of my subscribers on YT. Thanks for a great year and here's to another.
Anyway onto the vid.
Since we heard the news that New Moon was given the go-ahead, I've wanted to make another NM viddie. But I've been struggling to find a song that will fit with the story I want to tell, but I got there in the end.

Title: Running Up that Hill
Music: Placebo
Note: THIS VID IS AU!!! This vid is from Bella's POV, with her thinking back on what has happened. Some of the story is not shown in the video, for example the history throughout NW with Bella and Jake, and the hatred shared between Edward and Jacob.
Summary: Edward leaves Bella, but he's unable to live without her. So he does the only thing he can, end his life. Alice tells Bella what Edward is going to do, but she doesn't make it in time to save him. With Edward gone Bella falls apart, she has nothing herself to live for. She becomes closer to Jacob, but ultimately blames him for what has happened. If he wasn't in her life, if he didn't love her and if he didn't hate Edward, she thinks he would have stayed.
Youtube: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=0yLpzIt3bio
Journal: http://kjcharmed.livejournal.com/#kjcharmed43672
Download: http://files.filefront.com/running+up+that+hillwmv/;12756558;/fileinfo.html

Comments welcome as always and have a merry xmas everyone :)

Tags: fan videos
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