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My first twilight video!!

It's my first video ever!Being sick I decided to make sth productive lol.Please take a sec to look at it and tell me your opinion!=D

Title: Sleepless nights
Creator:PinkEagle17(pink_eagle17 )
Song: "Sleepless nights"
Artist(s): Until June
Spoilers:Trailer&Tv spots so if you saw these no spoilers;)

and of course:

*A Christmas Greeting from the Cullens*

Edward: *very politely* Have a happy holiday.
Alice: *bubbly* HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Rosalie: *rolls eyes* Uhh...
Emmett: *chuckling* Have a awesome ChrismaHanuKwansicka.
Jasper: *holding breath* A nice Christmas to you.
Carlisle and Esme: Warmest wishes!
Bella: *wrapping presents* Umm... I hope you have a merry Christm-- *gets paper cut*
Dang it! *looks up to see thirsty vampire Jasper* Uh oh... New Moon all over again!

*fighting begins*

While they work that out, let me take the time to wish you a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah,
and festive Kwanza! And a happy new year, too!

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