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Robert Pattinson, We're Thinking of a Word

Robert Pattinson, We're Thinking of a Word

A few, actually. And they're all about you: Pattzy, Pattisfied and even Pattinsomnia.
Since the launch of Celebrity Addictionary, no other celeb has spawned so many new words to describe the effect of his or her ungroomed fabulousness upon the public.
There's something about Rob—that glorious (now tragically shorn!) hair, those furry furrowed brows—that makes him catnip for the lexicographically inclined. Perhaps it's the bookish pallor or the fact that he plays a character who appears in a best-seller, but there's something there that's attracting wordsmiths. And straight-up haters, too.

Got something to add? We're pretty sure no one's jumped on Pattinsonic boom yet. So log on to Celebrity Addictionary to stake your claim...or just drool over these dreamy pics of Rob Pattz.

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