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Twilight scans from Austrian M*Magazine (+ translation)

I've been searching for this for a few days and today I got my hands on two copies XD Twilight is on the cover of Austrian "M*Magazine", which is basically a magazine for teenagers about movies, music and lifestyle that you can get for free in the cinema or at McDonalds. I scanned everything Twilight related in the magazine, even two commercial spreads, one for the soundtrack and one for the movie and a so called "teens night" where you can see Twilight for 5 € (about 7 $) with a free drink and magazine.
The scans are a bit wobbly and lopsided, but that's because the magazine is a bit bigger than my scanner and I tried to scan everything. I hope it's not too bad :) I also tried to translate the whole text and interview... it's not perfect but it was a bit difficult due to the strange way in which the questions were asked O_o

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I also thought you might be interested in the text and interview, so I tried my best and translated the whole thing :) I'm sorry if it sounds a bit amateurish, but I'm translating this as I type these lines :)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson turned into Bella Swan and Edward Cullen for the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyers vampire lovestory "Twilight". M*Magazine brings you the interviews with the leading actors of the romantic blockbuster directly from Los Angeles. Text by Gottfried Distl.

The love story between 17 year-old Bella Swan (portrayed by Kristen Stewart) and the 108 year-old vampire Edward Cullen (portrayed by Robert Pattinson) is finally coming to the big screen and beat all the records in the US. The first film adaptation of the bestseller series by Stephenie Meyer, spanning four novels, went straight to the top of the US box office in its first weekend with astonishing earnings of 70,6 Million dollars. It was even more successful than "James Bond" and "Sex and the City". This led the film-studio, Summit Entertainment LLC, to give the go-ahead to the sequel. But for the time being, let's be excited for the first movie.

First love - a vampire

"Twilight" begins with Bella leaving her mother's house in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to move to the rainy Forks in the state of Washington. There she starts living with her father, chief inspector of Forks, who is portrayed by Billy Burke. Ivory-skinned Bella is neither very fond of her mother, who constantly swoons over her new boyfriend, nor her father, who isn't enthused by anything.
(comment: okay, that sentence is just pure crap and I don't know where the author got his information from... but it's definitely not true XD) Even her own classmates don't interest her very much, but when she sees Edward Cullen, she falls head over heels for him. She believes that he is able to look into her soul and she loves him more than anything in the world from the first moment they met. But Edward avoids her. Bella finds out the reason for that behavior, when Edward saves her from being hit by a van with his superpowers: He's a vampire and has waited since 1918 for a soulmate like Bella. Her scent drives him crazy and he'd love to drink her blood more than anything, but that would mean that Bella would be changed from a mortal human into an immortal "monster". Because Edward is in love with her too, he is unwilling to do that. From this moment on, the story revolves around this particular dilemma: If you can live forever, what do you live for? (in German: If love makes you immortal, how long do you intend/want to live?)

Bite for immortality/Until immortality (this title is a German play on words, which is a bit difficult to translate. The German word for "until" sounds similar to the German word for "bite". There's only one "s" missing ["bite" = "Biss", "until" = "bis"]. That's why I typed both meanings :))

Edward belongs to the vampire clan of the Cullens, who have decided to lead a "vegetarian" lifestyle, which means that they don't survive on human blood but on animal blood instead. But there are a few rivals, "traditional" vampires, who kill humans. Among them is James, portrayed by Cam Gigandet, who, just like Edward, feels drawn to Bella, but does not harbor the same feelings of love for her. He just sees her as a tasty in-between snack.
The Cullens support Edward in his fight against James, although they're not excited by the fact that he's bringing a mortal girl home, especially because one question remains: Is it possible for Edward to restrain himself or will the next time he kisses Bella be the moment he bites her? The allure gets even stronger when Bella demands being bitten, as she loves Edward so much that she wishes for their love to become immortal - and the only possible way is for her to become an immortal vampire herself.


Robert Pattinson, born in 1986 in London, became popular when he portrayed Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". He was picked to play the role of Edward Cullen from 3000 hopefuls.

M*Magazine: Do you believe in the supernatural ever since you played Edward Cullen in "Twilight"?

Robert: I do believe in supernatural events, but that's not due to the movie. It was important for me to portray the supernatural in the most realistic way possible.

M*Magazine: It seems like the chemistry between you and fellow actress Kristen Stewart is really good. Did that happen naturally or did you two have to work on it?

Robert: It's possible to work on it, but we both had the feeling that we would get along well. There is, of course, the risk of wearing out that chemistry when you play your part too intensively.

M*Magazine: How did you manage to stay in character the whole time?

Robert: I didn't talk to anyone during the shooting breaks... (laughs) ...oh, crap, now I gave away all of my secrets... (laughs)

M*Magazine: Did you try and incorporate a few of your own personality traits into the character of Edward?

Robert: He's a bit more serious and cautious as well as formal and old fashioned in the novel, which doesn't matter that much as his character is constantly overshadowed by Bella's thoughts. That would have been quite boring in the movie adaptation. That's why I tried to portray him in a more lively, extravagant and unforeseeable way. That's how I am and I think that's what makes the movie more lively and likeable.

M*Magazine: What do you think about Stephenie Meyer's novel?

Robert: I'd read it before the whole frenzy began and I had the feeling that Stephenie was trying to live her sexual fantasies through the character of Bella Swan and that bothered me. But now, after occupying myself with it deeply, I've started to like that in particular.

M*Magazine: Do you think that the fans can identify themselves with "Twilight" because Edward and Bella are outsiders?

Robert: Yeah, I think so. I think that the most important thing about the novel is not the love- or vampire story. The important thing about it is that they're both outsiders. Bella is not that obviously an outsider because other people think that she's really nice. But she herself thinks differently: "There's something wrong with me, I don't belong in this world." It's almost as if Bella herself was 108 years old and thus had the feeling of not belonging to this world. It's a feeling that binds Edward and Bella, the only difference is that Bella is not a vampire.

M*Magazine: How does it feel to be such a well known actor?

Robert: I don't feel like I am an actor. I want to create something, a character for a movie. And while I'm doing it, there are different experiences that slip into that character, because I change with every movie that I make. I care about the outcome of my work, the creative process, not so much about myself, because there are tons of people who pat you on the back and then they proceed to drop you. You have to be careful not to lose sight of who you are. That's why I love the British understatement. I'd rather understate my own effort (laughs)

Kristen Stewart, born in 1990 as the daughter of John Stewart, a TV producer, in Los Angeles, had her first breakthrough role at the age of twelve when she portrayed Jodie Foster's daughter in "Panic Room". She went on to play Sophie in the fantasy hit "Jumper" and Tracy Tatro in Sean Penn's "Into the Wild" before she got the role of 17 year old Bella Swan in "Twilight".

M*Magazine: What do you think about the obsession that is prominent in this love story? Can you relate to Bella's almost addicted way of loving someone?

Kristen: Yes, there were certain phases in my life where I was obsessed about someone else.

M*Magazine: "Obsessed" in the sense of "being in love"?

Kristen: Yes, but I only felt that way with people I knew personally. I wasn't obsessed with stars/celebrities.

M*Magazine: Haven't you ever put up a poster on your wall from a TV series like "Dawson's Creek"?

Kristen: No, never. I only had a picture of John Lennon on my wall.

M*Magazine: Are there any similarities between you and Bella?

Kristen: I'm way more analytical when I'm thinking. She's never asking "why" she believes this or that. When she believes something, she does so a 100%. The only thing she's unsure about is herself. When she falls in love with Edward, she's constantly asking herself what it is that he likes about her.

M*Magazine: What is your explanation for this whole "Twilight" phenomenon?

Kristen: The novel is very voyeuristic, very intimate and personal, almost like a diary. And the way Bella's obsession is described is very fascinating. There's almost a whole chapter about the finesse of Edward's hand. Where can you find something like that nowadays?

M*Magazine: Do you yourself find yourself fascinated by vampires?

Kristen: No. I mean, those are very interesting myths, but I've had enough of vampires. They aren't proud and strong, they're just trying to cover up their own weaknesses. I don't understand how people find that fascinating... maybe it's just the whole thing about them being sexy and exotic because they're different. Maybe some of us would love to be vampires because there's something in their lives they want to change.

M*Magazine: How do you explain the great chemistry between Robert Pattinson and you?

Kristen: It worked out fine. If it hadn't, I'd have told them: "Choose another girl." Rob and I really like to be around each other. I can't explain it otherwise.

Catherine Hardwicke is the director who managed to turn the novel into a movie. Hardwicke, who studied architecture first, became well known for the teenie shocker "Thirteen" that was written by then 14 year old Nikki Reed, who proceeded to take on the role of Rosalie Hale in "Twilight".

M*Magazine: What is it about "Twilight" that fascinates you?

Catherine: The sexual tension that is developed through this dangerous love story... can this relationship work? There a sort of tension that I like to compare to being in love with a "bad boy". A guy coming from the wrong family or species (laughs). Plus there's the immortality that fascinates us all.

M*Magazine: How did you manage to find the right actors?

Catherine: I got interested in Kristen when I saw "Into the Wild". I went to Pittsburgh to visit her during the shooting of another film. I took a few pictures of her and I knew that she was right for the role of Bella. It was a bit more difficult to find the right one for Edward... (laughs)

M*Magazine: Why?

Catherine: Because I needed to find the most beautiful man in the world and I knew that it couldn't be Brad Pitt because Edward needs to have the youthful appearance of a highschool student (laughs).
I asked myself: "Who could it be?" I proceeded to talk to Robert Pattinson on the phone, who I'd seen in the Harry Potter films, but that was a few years ago so I didn't know what he looked like now. He flew to the US, slept on the couch of his agent for one night and then came to visit me and Kristen at my place. I filmed a few sample scenes with them and realized that their chemistry was breathtaking. I immediately knew: That's the magic that I need.

I once again want to apologize for the crappy quality of my translation T_T It's quite difficult to try and translate from nonstandard, sloppy German to correct English ;_; So if there are mistakes, feel free to correct me. I'm just very tired and tried to do this as quickly as possible (still took more than an hour).
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