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A Love With No Limits - Ch 10 - A Secret Kind Of Sexy

Story: A Love With No Limits : Edward & Bella
Update: Chapter 10 - A Secret Kind Of Sexy
Rated: Mature
General Spoilers: None aware of

Story Breakdown: This is my personal version of Edward & Bella's honeymoon at Isle Esme. The stories are romantic smut lemons. Considered one shots, but only bc I do a honeymoon day per chapter. It's really romantic and I hope you enjoy it! :D I break down each of their 17 days, with how I feel their honeymoon should have went.

Chapter Breakdown: EPOV. A girls possible worst nightmare comes true when they are caught doing certain things... by the most sexiest man in history.
And what do we do when we get caught, besides freak out? We take control, and try to distract them... but sometimes, it doesn't go as we planned.



Chapter Spoiler/Sneak Peek:
Shaking my head again, I slowly unhinged the door. As the heat wave scorched my face, I quickly noticed that the bathroom had turned into a thick steam room.
I lightly stepped in and closed the door behind me, holding my breath.
When I turned to the clear but foggy doors, my breathing hitched. I saw a dark and curvy silhouette dancing in rhythm to the music, as Bella flipped her head from side to side, causing water to splash against the wall. A large smile accompanied my face as I watched her twist around, singing into the bottle of shampoo. Bella hated to dance in front of anyone, admitting that her incoordination got in the way of her confidence. So I knew I should feel guilty for having the ability to witness something so foreign and private, but as she slowly twisted in a circle and dropped to the ground for a split second, I realized I suddenly didn't care that I wasn't supposed to be in here.

Because there was no way in hell I was leaving.

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