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MTV News Staff Favorites Of 2008: Joe DeShano’s Top 10 Movies

MTV gave a chance for their staff to pick their Top 10's of the year's and Twilight made the list of staff member, Joe DeShano. Here's its rank and description:

“Twilight”: I find myself kind of surprised that “Twilight” is in my top 10. And what’s it doing at #4? Well, I remember a movie back in 1989 that got fans really excited. Long lines of people dressed like the characters. Everyone was excited about its particular genre again. That was Tim Burton’s “Batman.” What a glorious day that was. This movie is that for the younger, female generation. What’s better is that it isn’t necessarily some sappy love story. There’s action and vampires and yeah a love interest, but there are also subplots and interwoven texture, which are rare to the vampire genre. I actually liked this film a lot and love that it became a big hit, despite all odds. Good job, “Twilight” folks. I look forward to the sequel.

(read the rest of joe's ranking here)
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