lecoeurcorrompu (lecoeurcorrompu) wrote in lion_lamb,

Fanfiction Rec List

Hello all! I've been diligently archiving Bella + Edward fanfiction that I have come to enjoy, so in the spirit of the holidays I thought I'd share my favorites with you. Under the cut you will find a recommendation list of fanfiction in varying lengths and with varying ratings. Many of them are AU and/or contain mature content, so I ask that you please use your own discretion when perusing the pieces.

On a side note, if you are the author of one of these pieces and would like to have your story linked to an alternate website or would like it taken down from the list (for whatever reason), please feel free to message me. Otherwise, happy reading!

Bella + Edward Fanfiction Recommendation List
Tags: fanfiction: recs
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