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Ache Chapter 8 Part 1

Title: Ache, Chapter 8 Pt 1
Author: herestolife222
Fandom: Post-Breaking Dawn
character/pairing. Catherine. Canon pairings 
chapter. Eight
rating. T for language
summary. The story takes place in Portland, following (some of) the events in Breaking Dawn. A human, Catherine, moves to Portland after a terrible accident in Texas. She meets Emmett Cullen at the university, and they become friends. But some things can't be buried no matter how much distance you put in between yourself and them.
disclaimer: SM owns it all.


Chapter 8


            I must be the biggest fucking idiot in the entire world. Why did I say yes? I promised myself that I would just see him the one time and then blow him off. Where do I get off wanting to meet his family?! Am I crazy? Have I already forgotten everything that’s happened?

            I lied down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I was vaguely aware of Chance slowly crawling up the bed and lying down next to me. My eyes were drifting shut, but I was not falling asleep. I was simply remembering.

It was the first day of college. I was lost, unable to find my algebra class. I was looking at my map, not paying attention, when I bumped into a human form. I looked up, embarrassed, only to be met by the most gorgeous eyes I had ever seen. For the first time in my life, I had nothing to say. I only stared. The figure smiled at me.

“Hello,” he said in a deep and seductive voice. “I’m Scott.”


“Scott,” I whispered, tentatively. We had only been dating for a few months, but I knew my feelings were strong.

He turned to me, his face not showing any anger, but still had a hard edge to it. I don’t know why it drew me in so much.

“Yes, Catherine?” He eyes were inquisitive, but also expecting. It was almost like he knew what I would say before I did.

“I love you.”


I walked into my apartment, looking at the ground. I hoped so badly that I would walk in unnoticed. As luck would have it, however, Christy was sitting in the living room.

“What the hell happened?!” she screamed, jumping off the couch and running towards me. Chance was running behind her. He was always by her side.

She approached me and tentatively touched my cheek, which was swollen. Her fingers lightly ran over my bottom lip, which still hadn’t stopped bleeding.

“It was my fault,” I said. There was no use in lying to her. She wasn’t stupid. I had been coming home like this every other week for the past two months.

“You need to leave him,” she said, her voice hard. She never spoke like that before I met Scott. Now, it was the only way I ever heard her voice.

“I love him, Christy. And he loves me too.”

Christy walked into the kitchen. She came out with ice wrapped in a towel. She led me to the living room and sat me down on the couch. She held the towel gently to my lip. I winced at the contact.

“Love shouldn’t leave you bleeding,” she said softly.


Scott raised his hand to me, but my resolve didn’t shake. I didn’t have to stand for this anymore.

“I’m done, god dammit!” I said, screaming in his face. “You will never hurt me ever again!”

He lunged at me, but I was too quick. I moved to the other side of the room.

“You can’t leave me, Catherine!” he shouted. He moved so that his body was blocking the door, my only way out.

“You don’t own me,” I said, my voice low. I tried to cover up the fear, but I don’t think I could. “Hit me again, and I’ll call the cops.”

“Christy put you up to this?” he asked. He eyes narrowed with rage. “I knew that bitch would try to come between us. Can’t she just see how much I love you? We’re meant to be, Catherine.”

“She sees how much you love me,” I said, pointing to the fading bruises on my face. “I’m leaving.”

I tried to walk past him and out the door. He grabbed my arm roughly, making me cry out in pain.

I turned to him, and all the things my dad and brother taught me flooded my mind. I dug my nails into his hand, forcing him to let me go. I swiftly kicked him in the groin. When he fell to his knees, I ran out the front door.

The entire way home, I prayed. I hadn’t prayed in years. There was no reason to pray before this.


I grabbed my keys. I was just going to go to the grocery store to pick up something to eat for Christy and me. I had basically been kissing her ass for the past few days. I would do anything so long as I didn’t have to hear the “I told you so.”

“I’ll be back in a little while, Christy. You still want steak and potatoes for dinner?”

“Hell yeah!” she said, her smile practically overtaking her face. “See you in a sec.”

“Bye!” I yelled, closing the door behind me.


My face was still unbelieving as I watched the fire overtake the apartment.


I was sitting in the back of the police vehicle. I didn’t even notice the police officer approach me.

“Miss McCarty?” he asked.

“Yes?” I looked at him, waiting for the answers. No one had told me yet how the fire started or if Catherine was okay. I saw the fire, how it completely engulfed my apartment. But Chance made it out alive. Was it so bad to hope that Christy would too?

“There are two bodies. One has already been identified as your roommate, Christy Sullivan. The other body, however, is an unidentified male. We were hoping you could take a look and put a name to the face.”

I nodded. My stomach dropped with dread. Please God, don’t let it be him.

He led me over to a body that was covered with a sheet. He pulled back the sheet, only revealing the man’s face.

I took a glance then turned away, my worst fears confirmed. “His name is Scott.”

I vomited until I lost consciousness.


“We found a note, Miss McCarty,” the attorney told me. I could hardly hear him, like he was talking to me from the other side of a pane of glass.

“Note?” I asked, shaking my head. “What note?”

“It’s a note from Scott. A suicide note,” he finished. “It said…” I held up my hand, trying hard not to let the tears fall from my eyes.

 “I don’t want to know.”


“Don’t leave.”

I turned and looked at Brad. I hated to see the pain in his face.

“I have to leave,” I said. “I can’t be here. There’s just too much pain, too many memories. I miss her so bad, Brad. And it’s all my fault that she’s gone.”

He walked towards me, his arms slightly open.

I ran away.


          I opened my eyes and wiped the tears from my face. Chance, sensing my sadness, drew closer to me. He dragged his warm tongue over the palm of my hand.

            “Gross,” I muttered, wiping his slobber onto my shirt.

            I stretched and pulled myself off the bed. I grabbed Chance’s leash which hung next to the front door. When he heard the familiar jingle, Chance jumped off the bed and ran towards me. His tail was spinning rapidly in circles. I laughed and threw the collar of his leash over his head.

            I don’t know how long I walked with Chance. I do know, however, that he may have peed on every single tree, pole and fire hydrant in a five mile radius of my apartment.

            My thoughts were consumed with my confusion. I couldn’t help but analyze over every single moment Emmett and I had together. It wasn’t love, or even a crush. I didn’t have a single romantic feeling for the guy. And, I’m pretty positive he felt the same.

            So… why was I acting the way I was? Why did I act like I’ve known him my entire life?

            I shook my head as if I was trying to shake the answers loose. Maybe he reminded me of Brad. It’s true; they do act a lot alike. Maybe it was my brotherly feelings that I had towards him that caused me to open up to him.

            By the time we got back to the apartment, both Chance and I were dragging ass. I was so tired; I felt like I could sleep until Sunday.

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