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Stephenie Meyer mentioned in USA Today, named Author of the Year.


Last year, our book of the year was J.K. Rowling's wonderfully satisfying final Harry Potter title, Deathly Hallows. This year, we're giving a big shout-out not to one book, but to one author — Stephenie Meyer, queen of the teen vampires.

Her four-title "Twilight" series — about a teen girl smitten with a smoldering (but honorable) teen vampire — took a huge bite out of book sales this year, and the hit movie version of Twilight confirmed Meyer's status as a pop-culture phenomenon. Her Twilight books claimed the No. 1 spot on USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books list a dominating 18 times in 2008. Meyer, 34, wasn't satisfied with making just her teen readers swoon: She also had an adult best seller with The Host, a science-fiction tale of aliens subjugating the human race. Not bad for a Mormon mom with a (chaste) taste for blood.

Text under photo: 18 times atop USA TODAY list: Stephenie Meyere, photographed at her home in Cave Creek, Ariz.

And: Clicking with online crowd: USA TODAY readers are Stephenie Meyer fans too. Breaking Dawn, the concluding volume in her teen vampire series, was the favorite book of 2008 among those who voted in an online poll.

I am actually really proud of her. She must have done something right. And, let's try this a second time. First time, sent to my own journal, haha.

Also, Mods, is the books: articles tag right for this? If not, I can fix that. :)
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