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Twilight in Greece

So, there are still some of us who haven't seen the movie in theaters, because it hasn't been released yet in our countries.
Unfortunately, living in Greece make me one of them *snifs*

Because I know that most of my fellow Greek-Twilighters "watch" the Twilight news from American sites (we still don't have a decent greek one), where it's quite hard to find news about the movie in Greece, I decided to sum up some of the most important things Greek fans should know.

First of all, the movie premiere will be on January the 1st, not the 8th as it was announced some time ago.

Odeon (the company who distributes the movie) has set up a site with the basics, you can visit it here:
And you can participate in a competition here: The first 10 will win a copy of the book translated in Greek (wish that you will not be on the first 10 *lol*), the next 10 a copy of the soundtrack (that's what we're talking about!), and the last 100 will get a poster of the movie.

If you want to keep an eye on the dates and hours you can watch the movie, once it gets released, you can visit this page: (this link will propably change in a week or so, cause the movie is in the "coming soon" section for now)

And the best one for the end!
Public stores ( offer a double ticket for the Twilight avant premiere which is on 30/12/08 to the first ones who will buy 2 products with the "Vampire Label". 


The "Vampire Label" Products thus far are:

Foreigh Literature Books: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The host
Translated in Greek Books: Λυκόφως, Νέα σελήνη, Το σώμα

I have already bought all those books before the competition so I leave it up to you to go to the avant premiere in my place ;)

For those interested for "The Host" book (which is totally PERFECT by the way), if you buy a copy of the first print of the book translated in Greek (aka "Το σώμα"), you will find an autograph of Stephenie Meyer greeting her Greek fans inside.
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