Kay (kjcharmed) wrote in lion_lamb,

Fanvid - Boston

I've not long got home from seeing Twilight in cinema. How much more gorgeous was Rob on the big screen? *sighs*

Title: Boston
Music: Augustana
Storyline: Bella moves to Forks and meets Edward. She begins to fall for him. They are both happy but when she discovers what he really is she knows that she can no longer be with him. So she decides that she has to leave, escape the town that has brought her love but also danger.
Bella leaves with Jacob, knowing that he is safer to be with. She loves him, but not in the same way as Edward. She tries to continue on with her life, but cannot help but think of Edward.
Youtube: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=CNrb6r1-37I
Journal: http://kjcharmed.livejournal.com/#kjcharmed42817

Tags: fan videos
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