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Robert Pattinson knows how Tom Cruise feels

Robert Pattinson knows how Tom Cruise feels

Friday, 19 December 2008

At first glance you wouldn't think that Robert Pattinson and Tom Cruise have much in common.

After all, Tom Cruise is more than twice Roberts age and has three kids of his own. He is married to the lovely Katie Holmes whilst Robert seems to be very much single.

However, many moons ago he was in his own vampire flick and received a backlash from fans who didn't want him to have the part.
Tom told Bnet: "With this role, I remember being so surprised by the controversy and thinking, What the hell is this? I remember being very hurt, actually.
"But my whole life there have been those who have told me I can't do this or that. You know, "You're going to fail. Why are you trying to do it?" When I wanted to become an actor, they'd say, "What are you doing with your life?"

"When I was offered the role of Lestat, I said, "My God, it's a fantastic role. It's a fantastic movie. I want to work with Neil Jordan." The thing is that I love acting, pushing myself, and exploring."

Hardcore Twilight fans had their reservations about Robert playing their hero at first.

Some wanted Joe Jonas, others wanted Chace Crawford or Henry Cavill.

Robert has since proved that he can handle the role of Edward Cullen and now has the backing of millions of Twilight fans.


wow...being compared to tom cruise? that's huge! considering how good an actor tom cruise is (good thing it's only movies they have in common =X)
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