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Nothing new as far as I can tell but thought you all might want to read anyway. Sorry if this has already been posted :)

Hurrah! Tomorrow vampire-flick-of-joy Twilight finally hits our cinemas - fangs god for that (sorry. It's Thursday. We're tired. And possibly a bit partied out). Anyway, Grazia's been lucky enough to see it already (nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh) and we can tell you it is FAB. Well, other than the few moments where they're trying to explain the ‘Ohh you're a vampire' plot line in a way that's a little reminiscent of The OC, post-Marissa years.

So to celebrate the fact Twilight's arrived for all, here are our favourite facts about the delicious Robert Pattinson, our new boy crush, who plays vamp Edward Cullen in the film. Memorise these and they'll help you wow any under-15s in your family this Christmas (always a tricky crowd to please).

1. Apparently the fashion trend that confuses Robert most is Ugg boots. However, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is his breakfast cereal of choice. This is totally unrelated, but just in case you're interested, he hails from Barnes.

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