somah (xrikkstar) wrote in lion_lamb,

Sleeping to Drean, Chapter 23 Up!


Title: Sleeping to Dream
Author: xrikkstar/Somah
Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Romance

Characters/Pairings: BxE, everyone is canon
Short summary:
The newspapers say it all: Bella Swan is dead. But no one is sure why she jumped from the cliffs at First Beach. No one really knows why her body wasn't ever found. But everyone knows her coffin is empty and that the Cullens are back.
Any warnings: Je ne pense pas.
Note: Takes place after Bella jumps in New Moon and then set in an AU.
Disclaimer: SM owns Twilight. Bow down.

                                                                                 Chap.1     //     NEW! Chap. 23


Tags: fanfiction
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