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Rob & Stephenie in People Magazine

Upon going out to the mailbox and finding the annual "Year in Review" issue of People Magazine, I stumbled upon two Twilight related blurbs.

One in the "Best Book of 2008" about Stephenie Meyer:

Forget about boy wizards - in '08 Stephenie Meyer's vampires ruled

It's been "very surreal," says the author, whose bestselling
Twilight quartet was the year's must-read even before the movie it spawned became a hit. "When I first sat down to write Twilight, it was just a story I enjoyed telling myself that nobody was ever supposed to see." Next up? "Getting back to what I love the most: writing."

Then, during "A Look Back at the Year's Hottest Celebs," there was a little thing about Rob:

Sexiest Undead Alive

Robert Pattinson

As the novel
Twilight made its way to the big screen, people wondered how Robert Pattinson, 22, would live up to the romantic ideal of vampire Edward Cullen. Turns out, maybe too well. Pattinson, while promoting the $150 million-grossing blockbuster, said he had a weird experience in New York: "One little girl looked at me and said, 'Can you bite me?'"

Nothing new, but still thought I'd share. Once I scan the pictures, I'll add them.
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