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Little Ashes Script Writer Discusses Rob's Acting in the film

Question posed to Philippa Goslett Script Writer of Little Ashes:

Do you have a favourite scene or moment that you were looking forward to seeing bought to life?

There was one scene which I guess as a writer I'm most proud of between Dalí and Lorca. - which turns into the sex scene with Magdalena and its the scene where, well so much of when you're writing is about subtext, and in this scene they actually say what they really think and as a writer I'm most proud of how that scene turned out. I think the actors put in the most extraordinary performance, really.

The other scene I was enormously interested to see how it would turn out is the last scene in the film. Where Rob basically had the challenge of trying to convey a huge number of very different emotions to go from being completely broken down as a character to reconstructing himself as the Dalí we know. And because of time constraints we had just one shot at it and we did it all straight through. The cameraman had the camera strapped to his body and he was following Rob around, and Rob had maybe ten minutes to pull it off and he did the most extraordinary job. So I'm amazed by that!

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