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Tyra Banks Show Picks Rob as No 1 Hollywood Heartthrob for 2008

We're counting down the top five Hollywood hotties who had teens swooning in 2008. Which guy is YOUR fave?

top_5_hollywood_hotties.jpgWe hope you get everything you've been hoping for this holiday season. But to make your day a little more merry and bright, we're counting down the top five hotties of 2008.

No. 5: Zac Efron

When Troy Bolton and co. finally made it to the silver screen, "High School Musical" fans everywhere collectively swooned. Kicking off our countdown at No. 5, is our fave Wildcat, Zac Efron.

No. 4: Joe Jonas
Put a guitar in a dude's hand and he gets 10 notches hotter -- but put a mic in his hand, and he can go from an A- to and A+++! Joe Jonas is already a hottie, but the fact that he sings sends us into seventh heaven.

No. 3: Chace Crawford
This Gossip Guy's blue eyes are killer -- and that smile makes us melt. You might recognize him from the witchy movie "The Covenant" -- or maybe just from your dreams.

No. 2: Chris Brown
With his sense of humor and his baby face, Chris Brown takes our runner-up spot. Don't be offended, Chris, we'd still kiss kiss you any day.

No. 1: Robert Pattinson
Move over, Harry Potter. Another British hottie with magic powers is in town. Was there ever a doubt that break-out star Robert would top our 2008 list? He starred in "Twilight" as a vampire with 100 years to become the perfect boyfriend. He's pretty much a given!
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