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Oneshot! Non-smutty E+B story!

Title: The Forks Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Author: Bombshell_chic
Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluffy! Cheesy! Corny! And maybe a teeny bit suggestive towards the end!

Disclaimer: I make no profit from writing or posting this. 
Summary: Bella goes hunting, and Edward helps!

Notes: I’ve become rather enamoured with Forks since I’ve started planning my trip there, and The Forks Annual Easter Egg Hunt is a very real event that I’ve read about on the Chamber of Commerce website. I have no idea how it’s organised, how big it is, or if the kids hunt for plastic eggs or foil-wrapped chocolate ones, so I embellished here for the fun of it. I hope you enjoy a bit o’ holiday fluff!
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Dedicated to the lovely folk at the Forks Chamber of Commerce! 


The Forks Annual Easter Egg Hunt


“Oh, darn it!” I groaned as I peered through the curtains at the sunny day outside. My plans officially went down the drain. Only Forks could ruin a weekend with good weather.

I slouched unwilling to the bathroom, showering quickly, then dressed thoughtlessly in light pants and a t-shirt.

Charlie was washing his breakfast plate in the sink, and seemed surprised to see me stumble into the kitchen.

“You’re up early for a Saturday” he noted.

“I was woken by the ridiculously bright day,” I grumbled.

Charlie looked surprised. “You love sunny days. I’m surprised you’re not singing and dancing.”

“I didn’t want it to be sunny today,” I mumbled. Sunny meant Edward had to stay indoors, and would have to break our date. And I had been especially looking forward to this one. “Well, at least it’s a nice day for the egg hunt.” I conceded.

“Yeah… it’s nicer for the kids to not have to slop around in the rain like last year.” Charlie noted. He looked at me, surprised. “Are you going along?”

“Yep” I said, though I wasn’t looking as forward to it anymore.

“Aww, that’s sweet, Bells” Charlie said, smiling and patting me absentmindedly on the shoulder. “Well, I guess I’ll see you down there” he hitched up his gun belt and picking up his keys.

“You’re going to be there?” I asked, incredulous. “Making sure the Easter bunny behaves himself, huh?”

“Something like that” Charlie said almost wryly. His sarcasm was coming along nicely, I noted. Another few months and he’d be rolling his eyes at me.

“I like to be seen as more than just a law enforcement officer by the community. It’s good to catch up with people, see how much their kids have grown.”

“That’s nice, dad” I said sincerely.

“Well, I think it’s great you’re going along. I remember how much you used to love it when you were small” he said, smiling fondly. 

The phone rang, and I reached for it, glad to break away from the downwards spiral into misty-eyed reminiscing.

“Okay, see you down there” Charlie said, heading for the door as I put the receiver to my ear. I nodded to him.

“Happy Easter” Edward’s musical voice greeted me.

“Well, technically Easter’s not til tomorrow.” I said. “I can’t believe it’s sunny!” I whined.

“I know, love. I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you.” He apologised.

I frowned into the phone. “Stupid Olympic Peninsula weather. I know how much you were looking forward to seeing me hunt,” I said, grinning at the thought.

“The eggs don’t stand a chance against you. Just try not to knock down any little children.” Edward said, laughter in his voice.

“So what are you going to do instead?” I asked.

“Some hunting of my own” Edward explained. “But I want you to come over afterwards.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said. “But hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and the clouds will roll back in and it’ll start snowing or something.” I said hopefully.

Edward chuckled. “I already spoke to Alice. She said it stays fine until sundown.”

“Poop” I said.

Edward laughed lightly at me.

“I’ll see you after your hunt.” He said. “Be safe, and have fun.”

“You too.” I said, ringing off.


I’d been at a loose end at the house since my plans to be with Edward had changed, so I drove into town early and had lunch at The In Place, one of my favourite diners. I ordered an extra cup of coffee to go to stave off the lethargy I felt, and drove the rest of the way into town. Everybody and their dog was out today, and I had to park all the way over on Mayberry St and hoof it back to Tillicum Park.

Families were milling about around the bleachers, children of various ages looking eager and excited. Town officials from the Chamber of Commerce milled about near the small stage, looking almost as pleased as the children. I saw Charlie talking animatedly with a couple of guys I didn’t know, but I could tell by their various hand gestures that they were talking fishing. He spotted me and excused himself, coming over to me with a smile.

“Hey Bells,” he said. For a moment it looked like he was going to hug me, but then the formality of his uniform seemed to stop him, and he patted my awkwardly on the back.

“So when does it start? And how many eggs are there?” I asked, trying to whip up some enthusiasm. This would be so much more fun with Edward.

“Just after one pm” Charlie told me. “Not sure how many eggs they’ve hidden this time, but I hope it’s enough- there’s a pretty good turn out this year!” he said enthusiastically.

“Bring on the eggs,” I said, grinning.

Charlie looked at me strangely “Bells, you do know this is just for the kids, right?” he said.

“Yeah! Of course!” I lied. My disappointment was now complete. “I just came to watch… you know… for old times’ sake” I embellished.

Charlie laughed and shook his head at me.

“Aww… Bella! I’m sorry. I thought you would have realised,” he said sadly.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter. Just watching will be fine,” I said, casually taking a sip of my coffee.

“Never mind” Charlie sighed. “Maybe one day you and Edward will have young ones of your own to bring along to the hunt.” Charlie said casually.

I turned into a human coffee fountain at that- the hot beverage spraying from my nose and mouth as I sputtered with shock. Charlie looked at me, alarmed. He reached into his pocket and produced a clean handkerchief. I swabbed at my nose and mouth, and then tried to blot up the liquid from my now-ruined t-shirt.

“I’m fine!” I gasped, my sinuses on fire. “No problem.”


The hunts were loud, excited affairs. There were three age groups on the different ball fields, and kids of various ages and sizes raced around like mad looking for the hidden treasures. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the facial expressions and reactions from not only the participants, but also the adults watching. The whole thing was over pretty quickly, but there was still a lot of residual milling afterwards as parents diplomatically divvied up the eggs amongst warring siblings, and some of the kinder children gave away their excess eggs to the smaller children who hadn’t been as successful.

I waved goodbye to Charlie from a distance- he was talking traffic issues with someone from the City Council, and joined the families trickling away from the park to their cars. The sun was still stubbornly shining, as it had all afternoon, with only patchy clouds obscuring it from time to time. I didn’t care any more, because Edward could do whatever he liked in the privacy of his own yard, without the prying eyes of the town all over him.


I picked my way through the dense trees to the road that lead up to his house. Sure enough, he was waiting for me at the foot of the porch. My breath caught in my throat at the welcome sight of him. His white shirt was open at the neck, and the sunlight glinted off his skin and windswept bronze hair, giving him the look of someone who had just stepped off a yacht in Cape Cod. I managed to stop my car and park before I got so distracted I crash into his house. His stance was relaxed, his hands behind his back, and he leaned forward to kiss me when I stepped up to him, his hands still hidden.

“Have a good time?” he asked me.

“Yeah.” I lied.

“I was just for the children, wasn’t it?” he asked kindly.

I pouted. “Yes.”

“Ah, Bella’ he sighed, trying not to grin, “You are so silly at times.”

I poked my tongue out at him. He chuckled and leaned in to plant another kiss on my lips.

“Not to worry. I have a surprise for you.”

He brought his arms forward, and he was holding a small, dark wicker basket. “So you aren’t totally disappointed with your day, I arranged an Easter Egg hunt, just for you”

Embarrassingly enough, I nearly squealed with glee. I threw my arms around his broad, hard shoulders and hugged him excitedly.

“Oh, Edward! You think of everything!” I breathed.

He laughed openly and hugged me in return, pressing his lips to my forehead. He released me, handing me the basket, and I began to look around eagerly.

“I bet you haven’t made this easy for me, have you?” I asked, and I began to poke around in the neatly trimmed hedges that framed the porch. “Um, any hints?” I asked.

“Hmm…. Look for red foil.” He suggested.

“And how many are there?”

“A baker’s dozen all up”

I gave a whoop of delight as I spotted the first one, and scooped it up. Edward politely applauded.

“Ohh, Lindt chocolate eggs, very fancy! Much nicer than the ones the kids were hunting.”

“Though most human food makes my stomach turn, I am occasionally partial to a little Lindt” Edward confessed.

I frowned. “Nuh uh! Not sharing,” I said, holding the basket away from him.

He smirked and rolled his eyes. “I’ll barter with you.” He murmured, stepping closer, leaning in to trace his lips over mine. My breath was suddenly ragged and my heart thudded at the husky, suggestive tone to his voice.

“Uh, okay” I foolishly agreed.

He smiled, satisfied, and stepped back.

“Well, keep going” he continued.

I smiled and dug around the bushes a little more.

“Hmmm… you’re getting colder” Edward said.

“Ah” I noted. I turned around, scanning the huge expanse of yard before me. “Oh man” I sighed. “Hints, please?”

Edward casually tilted his head towards the grove of cedars. I took off at a skip, basket bouncing merrily on my arm. I managed to get about halfway there before I tripped over my feet and went sprawling. Edward was next to me immediately, lifting me up and brushing me off. He was polite enough to wait until he knew I was all right before he began to shake with silent laughter.

“Don’t get too excited. You’ll crush your poor eggs”

 My face was burning scarlet, so I hitched the basket back onto my arm with as much dignity as I could muster, and took off again. Nestled in tufts of damp grass at the base of several of the trees were more of the red-wrapped eggs. I eagerly scooped them up, and then started back up towards the house.

I slowed when I caught sight of two familiar forms in the front picture window. Carlisle and Esme were watching us, pleased smiles on their lovely faces.

“Oh, we have an audience. That’s nice and embarrassing,” I grumbled. “What are they doing?” I wondered, my face colouring up again.

A knowing smile played on Edward’s perfect lips. “They’re enjoying watching you enjoy yourself,” he said gently.

I glanced up at them, taking in their relaxed stance, their arms around each other, and the contented look in Esme’s expression that was clear even from this distance. I felt a rush of happiness and gratitude, and looked away, blushing furiously. Edward seemed to understand my reaction, and caught my arm, halting me. That look of contentment was mirrored in his eyes as he pulled me into his arms. He gazed down at me, reaching up to stroke back a stray lock of hair.

“Edward… not in front of your parents” I mumbled shyly.

“It’s all right. They’ve gone now,” he murmured. He leaned in, kissing me enthusiastically. He caught the handle of the basket as it slipped from my grasp, and I reached up to fully embrace him. He broke off a moment later, leaving me gasping and reeling with pleasure. He moved his lips to my forehead, trailing kisses down to my right ear.

“She we return to the hunt?” he whispered.


It took another half an hour of Edward directing me to find a dozen of the eggs. As he steered me around with “You’re getting warmer… you’re getting hot… you’re hot!” my face became increasingly flushed. He very quickly picked up on the effect his innuendo was having on me, and played it up, barely able to keep a smirk off his face. He moved closer and closer to me as I hunted, until his body was pressed against mine. He continued whispering almost-suggestive directions in my ear and soon took to steering me, his hands on my hips. By the time I had twelve chocolate eggs in my basket I was practically panting with desire.

“Okay… so…” I breathed, “That’s a dozen. Well done… Let’s go eat them. I’m pretty sure I need some chocolate now.”

“Yes… but I hid a baker’s dozen… which means thirteen in total.” He corrected.

“Ah” I said, swallowing nervously.

“I cheated a little, though” he admitted.

“Oh really?”

“I wasn’t sure exactly how long the weather would hold out, so I hid the last one inside, you see”

“Any hints?” I asked, though I could guess.

“One of the upstairs rooms…” he said casually.

“Edward Cullen! Are you trying to use chocolate to get me into your bedroom?” I said, pretending to be scandalised at the thought.

“Something like that” he said, laughter in his voice.

“Well… it totally works,” I said, shrugging.

He took me by the hand and led me into his house.

“Up we go to your bedroom” I said. “To eat chocolate eggs!” I added in case any of his family was listening. He laughed again.

There, nestled on the huge fluffy pillows, was the last egg.

“This is better than a hotel,” I said, pouncing on the egg. “They only leave mints on the pillows. Chocolate eggs are so much better.” I began to peel the egg, but Edward confiscated it. He sat back on the bed, a thoughtful look on his face, and began peeling the red foil from the egg. His movements were slow and ridiculously erotic, and my heart sped up again. He looked up at me from beneath his lashes.

“You know the best part of the hunt is?” he asked quietly.

I shook my head no, not trusting my voice.

He smiled gently. “Consuming the spoils of your victory.”

He had disrobed the chocolate, and offered it up to me to take a bite. The chocolate was luxuriously smooth as I bit into it, the praline filling even softer and creamier. I gave a tiny, involuntary moan of delight as I rolled the confection around in my mouth, letting it melt.

“More?” he asked.

“Yes” I breathed, leaning in to kiss him.

“Mmm… you taste like chocolate,” he said, savouring the taste from his bottom lip.

He slowly fed me the rest of the egg, watching me with an unmistakeable look of desire in his eyes.

I reached for an egg from the basket and unwrapped it without much show, then proceeded to offer it up to him. He ate it with an enthusiasm that surprised me. When he’d polished off the last mouthful he captured my wrist with his hand.

“You know what I like most about chocolate?” he asked me. I shook my head.

“When it melts on your skin,” he said. He slipped my chocolate-covered thumb into his mouth. My own mouth fell open in surprise.

“That’s not the only thing that’s melting” I managed.

He licked every single one of my fingers clean, then sat back, satisfied. My jaw was still hanging open as I stared at him in wonderment.

“Would you like another?” he asked playfully. I silently nodded. He unwrapped another egg and pulled me to him, laying my head into his lap so he could feed me more easily. I smiled up at him between bites of delicious chocolate.

“Did you enjoy your hunt?” he asked me. I smiled and nodded.

“Was it better than the Forks Annual Easter Egg hunt?” he added.

I was thoughtful for a moment. “A little.” I lied.

He raised an eyebrow. “Only a little?” he said.

“Well… I’d probably like it better if I knew it was going to be held again next year. I like these little holiday traditions, you see…” I told him.

“Ah” Edward murmured. “I’m starting to suspect you’re going to be insufferable at Christmas time, then.”

I grinned up at him. “Don’t worry too much about Christmas. Yet. You have to get through Halloween with me first….”

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