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Peter Faccinelli's 11yo daughter is wierded out by Twilight fans.

(Mods I know that this is a Edward/Bella community but I thought this was so cute. If you don't accept it I understand why but I just thought I would try) 

Jennie Garth: Luca 'Weirded Out' by Fans' Fascination with Dad

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image Axelle Woussen/Bauer Griffin

While the new movie Twilight has managed to start a craze across the nation, the actors, including Peter Facinelli, seemed to have captured the hearts of countless adoring fans -- many of those being teenage girls. With his fan base increasing, the 35-year-old's wife, actress Jennie Garth, shares in an interview with The Billy Bush Show that Peter is "so happy to be a part of it and proud of it," but goes on to admit that the couple's 11-year-old daughter Luca Bella has a bit of trouble understanding the fascination with her father.

It's so funny because my daughter has friends that have seen the movie and they think that [Peter's character] Dr. Carlisle is hot. She gets all weirded out, and like, 'Eww, that's my dad.'"

Although, understandably, Luca is unable to look at Peter in any other light other than her father, Jennie says that she and her two sisters -- Lola Ray, 6, and Fiona Eve, 2 -- are Peter's number one fans and soak up the time they spend with him. "They just can't get enough of him. He loves it," reveals the actress.

Twilight is now in theaters.

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