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Title: Do You Promise Eternity?
Author: ccaitlinc214
Rating: PG for now.
Characters: E/B, this one has Victoria. Others will have all other pairings.
Catagory: Drama
Spoilers: Twilight, NEW MOON!
Summary: After Edward leaves and Bella jumps off the cliff the red flame in the water gets to her before Jacob does.
Summary will definately change by next chapter.  I don't want to give anything away right now.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I'm just changing it up a bit.

So, the other fanfiction I wrote (Save Me) wasn't going to get any where
and it was getting to be boring to write, so I just started a new one.

Comments are very appreciated! Let me know, if you enjoy it and if I should continue with it! :D


I’m dead, that if for sure, I thought. The water was getting rough from the approaching storm. At least I wouldn’t have to live in this painful life anymore. I won’t have to feel the pain of losing him anymore. Edward’s voice spoke to me.


“Bella! What are you thinking? Fight Bella! Stay alive. Don’t you give up on me!” His voice was harsh, but caring.


Why? You left me! I shouldn’t keep that promise! You gave up on me! I was screaming at imaginary voice in my head. I must not be that far from death.


The red flame I saw just a moment ago before the fight in my head began was coming closer. What was it? Then, everything went black as soon as it reached me.


I woke up… thinking I was in heaven. But then I saw her. Victoria. She walked up to me with a arrogant smile.


“Bella, how great it is to see you again!” She said with a voice to angelic for a person like her…


“Oh! You’re just speechless! You didn’t think I would come back for you?! Oh, silly Bella! I always thought you were smarter than that.”


I said nothing.


“You aren’t a talker, are you? Well, I suppose that’s okay. It will make this much easier, but less fun without you begging me. It’s funny, you know. I would think after spending so much time with some of my kind that you would think I would just forget about you. You thought you could get away. Edward saved you and everything was okay, until he so recently left you.”


I winced. I remembered time meant nothing to vampires. And months were probably like days to her. It didn’t feel like he recently left me, it felt like years. Time slowed down when he left.


“Oh, I’m sorry. It hurts talking about him, doesn’t it? Thinking about his beautiful pale face and his perfectly chiseled body hurts, doesn’t it? I bet you can not stand to think about the way he used to want you, how he loved you. But, I bet now he’s with that beauty in Alaska.”


With that beauty in Alaska? She pulled me out of the water already dying, to torture me with words about Edward. It was probably a minute since she had anything now… I tried to pick my head up, but my body was so drained that I didn’t have any strength.


“Just please, kill me now.” I managed to whisper to her.


“Hm, maybe I’m going about this the wrong way. You want to escape this life, so you don’t have to live without him. Maybe there’s someway to make you live without him forever, like I do without James.” She spit out.


 “We have more in common than you think, hun. We both lost the love of our life. Except yours kill mine! So, maybe I should just make you suffer for the rest of eternity, like I do!” She hissed and little growl came out accidentally.


She was worse than I thought. She was worse than her mate, James.


“Right, then. I will turn you. Just like you wanted before, right? But now without Edward there’s no reason to live forever. Well, too bad.”


I was going to become a vampire, and spend eternity alone. This was entirely worse than death….


My change was long and painful, just like expected. When I woke up Victoria was gone. I was left to wander the world without anyone to guide me, without anyone to love me. I promised myself I would never hurt a human.


After week of Charlie, the rest of Forks and La Push looking for me, I was pronounced dead.


That was ninety years ago. I have never killed a human, just like Carlisle. Victoria was right, this was suffering. I remember every part of him, my lost love. There has been no sign of him since the day he left me.





Edward’s POV:


It’s been ninety years since I’d seen my Bella. I haven’t been myself since the day I left. My family used to beg me to go back, but now everyone knows not to say a word about it. Every time I close my eyes, I see her. I still long to have her in my arms and I still want her every bit as much as I did before. I still love her as much as I did. I might even love her more now. No, I know for certain I love her more. “You don’t know what you got ‘till is gone,” I’ve heard this over and over and it proves to be true. I love Bella more now that I ever will. It was a foolish mistake to think I could live without her, I’m not living. I’m suffering. This is not life; life was gone ninety years ago.


We have moved around quite a bit in the last ninety years. We are back in Washington, since everyone who was there when we lived there is gone. It is much the same as it used to be, except it brings a great deal of sadness to me. The whole family is in Seattle, we live in a house a little past the limits of the city. Something feels different in the air; it feels as if something is going to change…

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