akemi42 (ex_akemi42) wrote in lion_lamb,

My First Twilight Video

I thought I would post here since it is all Edward/Bella. Here is the info...

Pairing: Edward/Bella
File Size: 46 MB
File Type: .WMV
Song: "Everytime"
Artist: Britney Spears
Summary: Yes, I know I already did a Snarry vid to this song. But I needed to enter this contest. Enjoy the sparkles.
Warning: Sparkles

Download I Guess I Need You (via akemi42.com)
Watch I Guess I Need You on YouTube or IMEEM or the akemi42 theater

It is technically my first Twilight vid because my reall first was remvoed from YouTube before anyone could watch it. You can still see it at akemi42.com. And if you like my vids join akemi42_vids
Tags: fan videos
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