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Rob Rumored to Be In The Next POTC movie.

Rumors are flying that the sexiest vampire in town is set to replace Russell Brand in the next installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4” is still in the planning process. Quite rumblings have been going on since the success of the trilogy. Johnny Depp has already expressed his desire to return to his beloved pirate character, Captian Jack Sparrow. Geoffrey Rush, Captain Barbossa, and Gore Verbinski, director, have also pledged their alliance to another “Pirates” installment. However, don’t be looking for Orlando Bloom to renew his role as Will Turner. Keira Knightley will also be forgotten in the new film. The plot is due to center solely around Jack Sparrow. Several scenarios are still being thrown around. The latest is and addition to the Sparrow family tree. Jack will get a brother.

Russell Brand was said to be in the running along with Zac Efron, but after Brand perturbed in the Disney kingdom by slamming the Jonas Brothers and their dedication to chastity…he is due to be replaced. Current front runner is the new hotness, Robert Pattinson. With his massive and still growing fan base, Disney wants his appeal to ensure the success of another pirate movie. Fingers are crossed for a 2011 start date.

Sign me up. Who doesn’t have Johnny Depp pirate fantasies? Don’t pretend like you don’t want to have his dirty pirate babies. Add R.Patz to the fantasy….wet naps will be handed out at the ticket booth.

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