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MTV's Men of the Year!

Rob made MTV's Men of the Year List at #4!

2008 Highlights: Starred as Edward Cullen in a little movie by the name of "Twilight," which bowed in November to record receipts and mass hysteria ... Mobbed by fans at Comic-Con in San Diego ... Sang a pair of songs on the "Twilight" soundtrack ... Temporarily lost his hearing at the "Twilight" premiere in Hollywood ... Invited "Twilight" fans to hurl themselves at him ... Subject of innumerable bits of fan fiction too risqué and/or disturbing to reprint here ... Has amazing hair ... Quite possibly stole actress Camilla Belle away from Joe Jonas ... Will play artist Salvador Dalí in next year's "Little Ashes" ... Is so pale and brooding he might actually be a vampire.

Source: www.mtv.com/news/articles/1601350/20081215/jonas_brothers.jhtml

Also...Hayley Williams of Paramore made the Women of the Year List at #9
Contributed a pair of songs to the "Twilight" soundtrack ... Copped to being a huge "Twilight" fan and a member of Team Jacob ... Began work on new Paramore album ... Is seriously, like, 4 feet tall.
Source: www.mtv.com/news/articles/1601276/20081212/spears_britney.jhtml
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