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The Search For Myself - CH 11 - A Reason For The Stars

Story: The Search For Myself : Edward & Bella
Update: Chapter 11
Rated: T for now for cursing, mainly [Mature later for sexual content]
General Spoilers: None aware of

Story Breakdown: What if Bella and Edward's roles were reversed, leaving Bella the Vampire and Edward the Human? As predicaments change and situations become harder, will their fate still be destined or will unexpected plans change their lives... forever?

Chapter Breakdown: Bella goes back to Edward's house, where everything is discussed, and boundries are tested.

Chapter Spoiler/Sneak Peek:
I nodded, my hand trailing to the top of his knee. "I wish I could be that strong."
"You can, Bella. I can help you, but you must allow me to. You must trust me."
My eyes met his immediately. "You're the only person I trust in this whole world."
"Then tell me about your family, Bella. Talk with me about it. It will help, I can assure you."
I sighed, closing my eyes. I knew he'd be the only person I could talk to about this and understand, but the uncomfortable feeling in my chest and wrists were overwhelming. "I-I don't know."
"Trust, Angel."
I looked back to him, the pain in my chest throbbing.
He placed my hands in his and pulled me forward, off the seat. He helped me as I shook, placing me gently on his lap.
"Please trust me, love."

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