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Possible Jacob Actors - a comparison

So, with all the talk of New Moon and the POSSIBILITY of MAYBE replacing Taylor Lautner... I've put together a post with the 3 front runners for Jacob.

Feel free to post pics of others you think would work in the role of Jacob... and/or discuss why one of these 3 should be Jacob.
(No actor bashing)
*NOTE: Not technically Bella/Edward related... but this actor will definitely be "co-mingling" with our beloved couple... so:

First up... I've seen a post that speculates Michael Copon as a possibility:

Now, I don't know about y'all but I still see him as Felix on One Tree Hill and wasn't he in one of the Bring It On cheer movies?
Besides -  he's actually Filippino. Do you think he'll be able to pull off American Indian. (I actually, kinda do.) I hate to admit it but when I first heard his name I thought Noooo... but now, I remember I don't want to like Jacob and having Michael play him, might just keep me from actually doing that (Need I remind anyone of chapter 23, Eclipse?)

Could possibly pull off the short haired Jacob post wolf transformation...

Are his muscles big enough? I mean, is this what we might wanna see after he returns to human form from wolf?

***I don't know... you may see that... but I'll only see this...

Then we have Steven Strait (the original fans' choice)...

Look how well he can pull off the "rescuer" side of Jacob. *erm, was I drooling? sorry. What was the question?

And here he shows his ability to fit in with the possible stunts involved with a transformation from human to wolf.
Plus, I didn't post it, but he had long hair in 10,000 BC so he could possibly pull that look off until the role calls for him to cut it short.
Oh, and in 10,000 BC he co-starred with Camilla Belle and since she is already BFF's with RPattz, this could help Steven fit right in. HEE HEE. You know, that 6 degrees of separation and stuff.

Sorry, this is just a gratuitous picture - cuz... HELLO... boys in speedo briefs. *purrs*

And the OG Taylor Lautner
Have we considered he play himself in New Moon up to a point? Perhaps the movie theater scene... before he gets sick. Hmmm

Maybe we should consider the fine art of make-up... but let's face it, that wig was too long and funky. So can we trust the make up team?

But of course... he was there first. He did a good job. I actually think he is a pretty great actor. Plus, I've seen him on My Own Worst Enemy. He is starting to look older. (reaching? Hmmm)

So... what are your thoughts? Is there someone who would be better for the role or do you support one of the above?
*Please remember. Let's not BASH anyone too hard. This is just a bit of speculating - we really do NOT want to go all effin' crazy on the actors. Nothing has been confirmed.   (PS. Remember when a bunch people went all freakin' pissy about RPattz getting cast? Let's not prematurely do that regarding any of the above. Thanks.)
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