Some people, they roam this world...Alone (propreamour) wrote in lion_lamb,
Some people, they roam this world...Alone

Title: Some people, they roam this world, alone
Characters/Pairing: A/J E/C E/R, E/B, but not quite just yet. and more to come
Rating: M
Category: Drama
Summary:What if Bella, wasn't the prey?What if Edward was?How would Bella's world change, once she was ripped away from her life,only to re appear, in the same place, she had promised to never return too?Would she finally believe those stories? We could only hope.

*I borrowed some characters from the talented Stephenie Meyer, All other idea's are from a dream I had*

<Ps: I was having some problems with my Lj, so I am now working off of Fan, I hope this will solve any of the confusion any one had with it. Also any feedback at all is greatly appreciated, Just be nice and polite about it. And if you like I will also check your story out. I definitely think this story is well worth the read:) >

Tags: fanfiction
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